'Sincerest condolences' / 'Enemy of the people' / WE'LL tell you!

This edition of Chicago Public Square is brought to you by supporters including Heather Alger, Jeffery L. Angevine, and Gil and Kate Arias. And, yes, this means we’ll be once again recognizing The Legion of Chicago Public Squarians alphabetically over the next few days. So if your last name begins with B, act quick. And now, some news:

‘Sincerest condolences.’ Chicago Police Department Superintendent Eddie Johnson has expressed his regrets to the family of a man shot and killed by Chicago cops Saturday—and his support to the officers involved …

… as the department released video of the incident in record time—edited to freeze the action and show what appears to be a gun holstered on the victim’s waist.
Sun-Times columnist Mary Mitchell, who lives in the neighborhood where it happened: “Time is up” on an explanation of why, “too often, black men end up dead at the hands of police.”
Slate’s Osita Nwanevu: “The CPD’s latest deadly use of force leaves little wonder why some hope for a future without cops.”

Illinois gun crackdown. Gov. Rauner reportedly is ready to sign into law a bill empowering police to take guns away from those judged in court to pose a threat.
One of Rauner's former backers has shoveled $100,000 into the campaign of his Democratic challenger, J.B. Pritzker.
PolitiFact: Pritzker’s running mate was wrong when she said Rauner has “created no jobs over the past three years.”
In Chicago’s mayoral race, columnist Laura Washington says, “the name-calling has commenced” among the black candidates aiming to unseat Rahm Emanuel.

‘Enemy of the people.’ That’s what President Trump has again labeled “much of our news media.”
Before their private meetings, Trump and Russia’s Vladimir Putin ignored questions about Russian meddling in U.S. elections—responding only with silence (Trump) and an apparent smirk (Putin).
Updating coverage of the summit.
Live at Square’s morning deadline: Video of their post-summit news conference.
Merriam-Webster trolls Trump: “Yes, ‘foe’ still means what you think it means.”

More Waze to work. Google’s other directions app is entering the ride-sharing business in Illinois with its Waze Carpool app—and isn’t taking a cut of transaction charges.
A bad morning on the CTA: Disruptions on the Green and Red Lines.

Straw fan. A Chicagoan whose disability limits his strength and range of motion is among those worried a complete ban on plastic straws would hurt people who need resilient sucking devices.
Motley Fool: Why dumping plastic straws is good business for McDonald’s and Starbucks.

We’ll tell you! WBEZ’s news quiz show Wait Wait … Don’t Tell Me! is returning to Millennium Park for a free show like the one that filled the park to capacity three years ago.
During an onstage interview and podcast with your Chicago Public Square publisher in November, Sagal listed the 2015 show among his career’s most memorable experiences: “People were climbing over the walls.”
Reactions to Sacha Baron (“Borat”) Cohen’s new Who Is America? series include this: “One of the bravest uses of comedy I have ever seen.”

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