'Two dictators' / Melon-choly / Net neutrality's dead

‘Two dictators.’ A Fox News host—who happens to be the daughter of President Trump’s ambassador to Russia—is apologizing for using that phrase to describe Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un ahead of their meeting in Singapore. But that didn’t discourage Twitter.

Trump’s chief of staff, John Kelly, reportedly called the White House “a miserable place to work.” (Cartoon: Keith Taylor.)
McClatchy report: “Web of elite Russians met with NRA execs during 2016 campaign.”
Developing coverage: Citing cyberattacks, the Trump administration has hit Russian firms with penalties.
How that photo of Trump confronted by other leaders at the G-7 summit echoes the Laurel/Yanny meme.

‘Emanuel can be beaten. Just do it.’ Sun-Times columnist Laura Washington, a self-described fan of term limits, says Rahm Emanuel’s challengers for mayor don’t need term limits to unseat him.
Latest in the Trib investigation of sex abuse in Chicago schools: Illinois law fails older students—by allowing sex between teachers and students older than 17.
Analysis: “Emanuel’s plan to seek a third term using education as a cornerstone has been blown out of the water by a scandal that hits home like none before it.”
But, hey, how about that podcast series the mayor’s been hosting for a year?

Melon-choly. Illinois is one of eight states in which the FDA is warning shoppers to check pre-cut melon under a recall triggered by an outbreak of salmonella.
The Tribune slams Gov. Rauner for blowing “a chance to put a qualified environmentalist onto a board with serious responsibilities.”
Sun-Times editorial: “Ken Dunkin has no business serving on the board of the agency that cleans sewage water in the Chicago area.”
Lake Michigan water levels have reached their highest point in 20 years.

A $20 million bet on journalism. The founder of Craiglist is making a big donation to the City University of New York’s now-renamed Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism.
CUNY journ prof Jeff Jarvis: “Craigslist did not ruin newspapers or their business models but only showed them what the future would look like.”

Net neutrality’s dead. Slate declares this “Day 1 of a Worse Internet.”
Neutrality’s backers hold out hope for a revival in Congress or the courts—or state legislatures, including Illinois’.

‘It’s no longer Down with Trump, it’s F__k Trump.Robert De Niro didn’t hold back at last night’s Tony Awards.
In a video that will make you cry, drama students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School performed a song at the Tonys to honor teacher Melody Herzfeld, who helped save dozens during the shooting massacre there.
In a commencement speech at her alma mater, Dartmouth, actor-writer-producer-comedian Mindy Kaling encouraged students to be like Donald Trump in at least one way.
Stephen Colbert got the address of Schubas Tavern wrong.

Housekeeping. Alert readers spotted two problems with Friday’s Chicago Public Square: A [sic] missing from a flawed quote—hey, NPR, Square’s readers are more vigilant than yours!—and an unnecessary hyphen in the word “reset.” Thanks to David Kindler and Mike Braden.
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