Murder without consequence / WGN shakeup / Fox faulted

[Re-sending this issue to correct errors in items about designer Kate Spade’s death and the Chicago Tribune’s departure from Tribune Tower, and a link to a story about a former Sinclair Broadcast Group host.]

Murder without consequence. A Washington Post analysis finds Chicago is one of several major U.S. cities where “vast areas stretching for miles experience hundreds of homicides with virtually no arrests.”
An 11-year-old Chicago boy who sang rap songs about “putting guns down” was shot to death.
A Chicago cop whose Facebook account spouted hateful post after hateful post has resigned before he could be fired.

A sorry mayor. Rahm Emanuel—who doesn’t apologize much—is apologizing for the scandalous sex abuse of Chicago Public Schools students uncovered in a Chicago Tribune investigation. But he doesn’t seem to know what to do about it. Hear his words in the latest Chicago Public Square Newscast.
The Trib’s John Kass: “This is a disaster for the mayor.”
The Trib is inviting people to share their stories of abuse within the school system.

At least they agree on this. Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner and his challenger, J.B. Pritzker, both say President Trump shouldn’t spring ex-Gov. Rod Blagojevich from prison.
CNN: Trump is considering dozens of new pardons.

‘No one wants to be seen picking on a black museum.’ A source close to the troubled DuSable Museum of African American History offers reporter Shia Kapos insight into turbulence among the museum’s leadership: “When board members or others come in, they realize something’s not right. But instead of speaking up, they leave. They hope someone else will deal with it.”
A charity co-founded by Kanye West is changing its name—eliminating his late mom’s name.

No. 4: Another good night for Democratic women. NBC rounds up nine takeaways from last night’s primaries.
CNN has six, including “Anti-Trump fervor is brewing in Missouri.”
The Washington Post: The Democratic establishment strikes back.

WGN shakeup. Ahead of the station’s possible purchase by the Trump-friendly Sinclair Broadcast Group, WGN-AM is rearranging its host and anchor chairs.
That’s Sinclair Broadcast Group, where a broadcaster who later resigned tweeted in April he was (LINK CORRECTED:) “getting ready” to sexually assault Parkland, Florida, shooting massacre survivor and gun-regulation activist David Hogg with a “hot poker.”
Los Angeles Times columnist Matthew Fleischer: Whoever reported a fake attack on Hogg’s home yesterday, triggering a police response, is guilty of “attempted murder.”
Care to comment to the FCC on Sinclair’s plans for WGN-TV and Radio? Here’s how.

‘Anybody want this?’ Mary Schmich shares the struggles the Tribune staff faces as it prepares this week to leave Tribune Tower, its home of more than (CORRECTED:) almost a century.
At Tribune parent Tronc, a plan for disgraced ex-chairman Michael Ferro’s exit has fallen through.
The staff of The New Yorker is unionizing.

And now, some good Chicago news.
It’s No. 8 on the Trust for Urban Land’s list of best cities for urban parks.
Rush University Medical Center is getting its biggest-ever single donation.
Illinois is getting millions in federal cash to cut South Side railroad delays.
This guy apparently has been arrested.

Bye, bye, Miss America thighs. USA Today columnist Hilary Levey Friedman: “In dropping the swimsuit segment and not replacing it with a fitness competition, the Miss America Organization is conceding that the ‘Lifestyle and Fitness’ portion of the event has never actually been about fitness.”
A Detroit-area woman says she was falsely accused of stealing a bikini at a Target store—then handcuffed and forced to pull down her pants in front of employees.
The sister of designer Kate Spade, who reportedly committed suicide yesterday, (CORRECTED:) says Spade refused for years to get treatment for depression.

Fox faulted. Even conservative site RedState is condemning Fox News for misleading viewers about the Philadelphia Eagles’ political protests.
The New York Times’ Ken Belson: “The NFL Still Has a Trump Problem.”
NBA stars LeBron James and Steph Curry say they wouldn’t visit the White House if they were invited.
A Gary, Indiana, councilwoman sat out the Pledge of Allegiance to protest Trump’s cancellation of the Eagles’ White House visit.

‘Bill Clinton got a pass that he wouldn’t get today, and that pass hangs like an albatross around progressives’ necks.’ The Trib’s Heidi Stevens on the ex-president’s latest trials.
Clinton admits his reaction this week to questions about Monica Lewinsky wasn’t his “finest hour.”
A mocking review of Clinton’s new book: “Why is there no sex?
Media critic Margaret Sullivan to Melania Trump: “Your disappearance is a legitimate news story.”

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