Dig this / Inside that ex-Walmart / Reporter down

Dig this. Elon Musk’s Boring Co. is the winning bidder in the city’s plan to connect O’Hare and downtown Chicago via an underground high-speed rail line capable of making the trip in about 12 minutes.

Boring Co. video shows how it could work.
The Guardian: At Musk’s Tesla car company, his promises “frequently go unfulfilled,” while “many factory workers feel that they have become collateral damage.”

Metra’s plight. A Better Government Association report concludes a reluctance to spend has left the rail system with cars decades out of date and “a bottom line that has never appeared bleaker.”
The CTA’s buying 20 quiet new electric-powered buses.

Capt. Kirk’s next frontier: Southern Illinois. William Shatner is on board with Solar Alliance, an alternative energy developer planning to convert an abandoned Murphysboro factory into a solar-powered Bitcoin mining operation.
Antarctica’s ice is melting three times faster than it was just six years ago.

‘I think Amy would like to sign.’ Mayor Emanuel jokingly theorizes his wife might help ex-Gov. Pat Quinn’s campaign to limit Chicago mayors to two terms—possibly derailing Emanuel’s reelection plans.
A Chicago alderman suggests a two-year moratorium on mayoral appointees leaving to run for elective office—something that would’ve forestalled mayoral challenger Lori Lightfoot’s campaign.
An indicted City Council member has changed his mind and says he’s going to run for reelection anyway.

Inside that ex-Walmart. For the first time since imposition of President Trump’s “zero tolerance” immigration policy, the government let reporters tour a former supercenter now home to more than 1,400 immigrant boys—many forcibly separated from their parents. The Washington Post account is appalling.
NBC News: “Looks more like incarceration than temporary shelter.”
A Texas civil rights lawyer says the feds at a detention center took away an undocumented immigrant woman’s daughter during breastfeeding.
Medium contributor Umair Haque: “It’s Happening Here Because Americans Can’t Admit it’s Happening Here.” (Cartoon: Keith Taylor.)

‘We are deeply troubled …’ Two congressional Democrats, Illinois Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, are demanding an ethics investigation of the Trump Education Department after a senior department official—hired straight out of the for-profit college sector—helped dismantle rules to protect students from fraud in the for-profit college sector.
The Wall Street Journal: After decades in which college debt was immune from the bankruptcy process, judges are actively trying to help students and ex-students.

Reporter down. Veteran award-winning Chicago TV journalist Elizabeth Brackett is in critical condition after an accident on a Chicago bike path. (Photo: WTTW.)
The MacArthur Foundation is handing $2.4 million in grants to four local news organizations.

‘Bug bites, bruises and death.’ The Tribune goes inside Chicago’s worst nursing home.
A Reddit poster found little urgency among Chicago officials after reporting stagnant water breeding mosquitoes in a Logan Square kiddie pool.
The Atlantic: Is Trump ready for a global plague? “He has no background in science or health, and has surrounded himself with little such expertise.”

Happy Flag Day. Liberal Neil Steinberg burns one for the team.
It’s also President Trump’s birthday.
… and his old friend, porn star Stormy Daniels, is threatening a birthday surprise for the president during her performance in Chicago tonight. (Sun-Times photo: Ashlee Rezin/Sun-Times.)
New York State is suing the Trump Foundation.

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