Tower twofer / Democratic moderates' 'very bad day' / 'Solo' reviews

Tower twofer. Fresh plans for what was to have been the site of the abandoned Chicago Spire project call for a pair of highrises at 400 North Lake Shore Drive. (Rendering: Related Midwest.)

The president of the development firm tells the Tribune: There will not be a shot of Chicago that doesn’t have these buildings in them.”

‘Clerks, coders, and billers who do not possess adequate self-motivation or the required skill sets and knowledge base.’ Cook County’s inspector general says that shortcoming cost the Cook County health system $165 million in potential revenue over the last three years.
A suburban hospital’s being sued, accused of not safeguarding patient data—allowing an ex-staffer to burglarize the homes of people the hospital was treating.

You can’t just do that. A Cook County judge has found Mayor Emanuel in violation of state law for withholding personal email related to city business. Ruling for the Tribune, she concluded, “A ruling that writings pertaining to the transaction of public business are not public records would open the door to allow unscrupulous government officials to shield public records by the simple expediency of conducting public business with the use of personal devices and in personal emails.”
The mayor dismisses a lawsuit to block the Obama Presidential Center: “The people who filed it don’t understand the 21st Century.”
Sun-Times editorial: “The Obama Presidential Center will work just fine in Jackson Park.”
The Sun-Times debuts a series of comprehensive guides to Chicago’s neighborhoods. First stop: Logan Square.

👎. Three men have been charged with gun trafficking between Kentucky and Chicago—often using Facebook to arrange deals.
That mock gun-sharing exhibit at Daley Plaza disappeared a day early because of a permit mixup. (Photo: Reflections of a Chicago Life.)

‘He … told me that he had a gun and he was not afraid to use it.’ Accusers of disgraced suburban volleyball coach Rick Butler tell Illinois lawmakers he threatened them to keep quiet about sexual abuse.
Wilmette’s Loyola Academy has fired its girls soccer coach—and the Wilmette cops are investigating, too—after complaints he made “inappropriate or offensive comments” to his players.
Fox News has settled a bunch of racial and gender discrimination lawsuits.

Democratic moderates’ ‘terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.’ The Washington Post rounds up yesterday’s primary results in four states and sees “heartburn among party strategists … who worry about unelectable activists thwarting their drive for the House majority.”
FiveThirtyEight: The #Resistance Had A Very Good Night.”

Another one bites the dust. The top lawyer at pharmaceutical company Novartis is out after revelations the company paid $1.2 million to Donald Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen.
New York: The Michael Cohen Bribery Scandal Is Now a Trump Bribery Scandal.”

‘Yes, even your dog can apply to law school.’ American Lawyer columnist Vivia Chen mourns the American Bar Association’s move to let law schools abandon the LSAT and other tests as a requirement for admission.
Top law schools are moving to require that recruiting law firms disclose workplace harassment policies.

He explained Silicon Valley—before there was a Silicon Valley. A 1968 book by Tom Wolfe—who died this week at 88—is essential reading for anyone seeking to understand today’s tech culture, according to CNBC’s Matt Rosoff.
In the latest Chicago Public Square Newscast, you’ll hear Wolfe defend his book on the space program, The Right Stuff, for shattering an astronaut image he called “quite unbelievable.”
ZDNet’s Zack Whittaker asked Apple to send him all the data it had on him. Here’s what he got.

Solo: A Star Wars Story reviews. The first round is in.
The Verge: Incredibly entertaining.”
BBC: “Could have been much, much worse.”
At Cannes, Spike Lee used a news conference about his new movie, BlacKkKlansman, to blast Donald Trump with obscenities: “That motherf__ker was given the chance to say we are about love, not hate. And that motherf__ker did not.”

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