'Borderline criminal behavior' / Justifying Roseanne / Digital privacy tips

‘Borderline criminal behavior.’ Chicago police strategy for dealing with large groups of rowdy teenagers downtown—including a controversial decision to funnel groups of kids onto CTA express trains out of the area—is fueling debate among aldermen and others.
Despite a lack of evidence Chicago’s carjacking spike is largely the work of juveniles, Mayor Emanuel’s plan to crack down on kids who steal cars is moving ahead in Springfield.

Free full-day preschool? That’s the mayor’s promise to the city’s 4-year-olds by 2021—as he faces a heated race for reelection.
Mayoral challenger Lori Lightfoot wants Chicago schools’ inspector general to investigate whether the system’s CEO should be starring in commercials funded by a nonprofit tied to Emanuel.
Cars registered to the home of a potential mayoral candidate have racked up nearly 200 tickets for speed-camera, red-light-camera and parking violations in the last five years.
An alderman is pushing the idea of motorized scooter-sharing for Chicago.

Justifying Roseanne. After cancellation of her ABC show following her racist tweets, Roseanne Barr’s fans are coming to her defense.
Barr blames others—and the drug Ambien—for her problems.
… and she’s doubled down in a retweet of the sort of tweet that got her fired.
The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah blames President Trump for Barr’s actions.
Don Trump Jr. retweeted some of the worst of Barr’s tweets.
A Tribune editorial notes Starbucks would have been a good place to discuss the Barr story yesterday, but Starbucks was closed to address racism: “ABC and Starbucks deserve plaudits. It will be an exquisite irony if, by the end of Trump’s problematic time in office, America has taken many bold steps to be a fairer nation.”
What Starbucks employees got in their training.

Christmas in May. The Washington Post says federal prosecutors investigating Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen are set to receive a million files from three of his cellphones seized last month.
Trump’s daughter Ivanka left a news conference early after getting some tough questions.
The president led a Tennessee crowd last night in booing Sen. John McCain, who’s facing brain cancer.
Vox: Trump’s love of lying, explained.
The Daily Beast: Trump Aides Brutally Turn on Each Other in War on Leaks.”

Digital privacy tips. The AP offers five ways to minimize your electronic devices’ ability to spy on you. (Faraday bag, anyone?)
Ten books to help you understand the digital age. (Photo: MIC85.)

Happy birthday, The Onion. The Chicago-based satire engine marks its 30th anniversary with its newly rebranded annual Onion Comedy and Arts Festival, opening today.
New exhibit at Chicago’s National Public Housing Museum: “History Lessons: Everyday Objects from Chicago Public Housing.”

Roseanne is available.
President Trump wishes on Twitter he’d “picked somebody else” for attorney general.
One of the stars of The Walking Dead from the start is leaving.

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