Bank shot / Crowdforcing / News quiz!

Bank shot. Cincinnati-based Fifth Third Bancorp is buying Chicago-based MB Financial.
… creating what the Tribune says will be Chicago’s fourth-largest bank, ranked by total deposits.
Fifth Third says in a news release that it plans to “increase its Chicago area commitment.”

People Behaving Badly Dept.
An ex-Catholic priest who quit almost two decades ago amid charges of sexual abuse has been arrested, accused of child molestation at a suburban hotel.
A Chicago cop cleared in a fatal shooting has been fired for lying in a case the Tribune’s Jeremy Gorner says “seems almost trivial by comparison.”
A man accused of stalking a Chicago TV weathercaster faces a charge of “felony electronic harassment.” (Second item in Robert Feder’s column.)
Celebrity chef Mario Batali’s company is cutting ties with him over “chilling and deeply disturbing” reports of sexual assault.

That time a guy in the audience died. In last week’s Public Square / Wednesday Journal Conversations on-stage chat, Food Network star Jeff Mauro shared lots of stories, including a tragic (but also funny) account of his early career as an improv comedian in Chicago. Now you can hear the interview—in which Mauro also alludes to the challenges (alleged) behavior like Batali’s poses for the restaurant biz—as a podcast. (Photo: Carmen Rivera.)
Previous Square podcast interviewees: Obama administration strategist David Axelrod and Wait Wait … Don’t Tell Me! host Peter Sagal.

‘I know that Bruce Rauner is hot to bring back the death penalty. But …’ The Sun-Times’ Neil Steinberg is incredulous the governor’s “safety tips” for motorcyclists fail to mention, you know, wearing a helmet.
CNET: Bosch is testing rocket-style thrusters to stabilize sliding motorcycles.

Crowdforcing. A Los Angeles-based company called “Crowds on Demand” lets unscrupulous organizations hire people to disrupt public meetings, and The Poynter Institute’s Al Tompkins says that makes journalism even more difficult.
But that’s not news in Chicago, as this story from 2012 will remind you.

News quiz! Before last week fades completely from memory, take a new Chicago Public Square news quiz to see how closely you were paying attention.
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