Waffle House deaths / Sears, minus Kenmore / Sun-Times appeal

Waffle House deaths. The Central Illinois man sought in the killing of four people and the wounding of two others at a Tennessee restaurant Sunday declared himself a “sovereign citizen” before his arrest last summer outside the White House.

Morton, Illinois, police reports “paint a disturbing picture” of the suspect.
… who believed “Taylor Swift was stalking him.”
Updating coverage: As of this morning, he remained on the run and possibly armed.
The man who wrestled away the half-naked gunman’s AR-15 says his act of heroism was “selfish”: “I didn’t really fight that man to save everyone else. … I took the gun so I could get myself out.”
Related listening from the acclaimed RadioLab podcast series: “Feeling the pain of another person deeply is not necessarily what makes a hero.”

‘The next two elections will decide our country’s fate for decades, if not forever.’ So, Sun-Times columnist Neil Steinberg says, “Don’t forget to also put your money where your mouth is. If you aren’t helping candidates like [U.S. Senate candidate in Texas] Beto O’Rourke, then you aren’t helping.”
Under federal investigation for a job-selling scam, Cook County Circuit Court Clerk Dorothy Brown nevertheless has declared her candidacy for mayor: “People trust me.”
Should Illinois lawmakers get automatic pay raises? Pending legislation would end them.

‘The presence of the statue itself is an insult.’ At Oak Woods Cemetery yesterday, dueling ceremonies near a monument to Confederate soldiers who died in Chicago pit civil rights activists against Confederate fetishists. (2006 photo: John Delano.)
A Cook County commissioner has apologized for a bad joke about his racial heritage.

‘I might laugh and joke around … but don’t ever think I’m stupid.’ That was a Facebook post a week ago from a man linked to a spectacular scam that moved the corporate mailing address of UPS from its Atlanta HQ to a tiny Rogers Park apartment—diverting what the Tribune reports were thousands of pieces of mail, including corporate credit cards and thousands of dollars in business checks.
Worldwide, patents for the use of drones—for delivery and other things—are up dramatically.

Sears, minus Kenmore? Sears CEO Edward Lampert—who’s presided over Sears’ implosion—is offering to buy off the chain’s Kenmore brand of appliances.
Amazon is working on a home robot.
The Tribune analyzes last night’s Season 2 debut of HBO’s robots-gone-wild series, Westworld.
Stuff you need to remember from Season 1.

Sun-Times appeal. First, the paper cleaned up a dysfunctional website. Now it’s asking readers to subscribe to its until-now-free online content. (Print subscribers—who today received a paper with a front page deliberately left blank to emphasize the need to support journalism—will still get digital content for free.)
And, hey, don’t forget Chicago Public Square.

Correction. Because of—oh, let’s call it a “production error”—a bonus comma in the phrase “Rudy Giuliani, is joining Trump’s depleted legal defense team” went out with Friday’s emailed edition of Chicago Public Square. As so often is the case, devoted—“devoted” puts it lightly—reader Mike Braden was first to note the problem.
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