Stormy Monday / 'Same sh_t. New a__holes' / Facebook's plight

Stormy Monday. People close to President Trump say they expect him to take dramatic action today to distract from Stormy Daniels’ revealing interview with 60 Minutes last night. (Early on, he’s ordered 60 Russian diplomats out of the U.S.)
See and read a transcript of the report that drew 60 Minutes’ highest ratings in a decade.
CNN: 5 new things the Daniels interview revealed.
The Daily Beast raises questions that remain unanswered.

A lawyer for Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, is demanding Daniels retract the insinuation Cohen was behind threats to her safety. (Cartoon: Keith Taylor.)
Trump’s personal lawyer says the president won’t hire two other lawyers—despite an announcement last week that he would.
The president’s tweet: “Many lawyers and top law firms want to represent me.”

‘Being born here matters.’ Sun-Times columnist Neil Steinberg says Chicago’s Bronx-born ex-police superintendent, Garry McCarthy, has his work cut out for him in his campaign to become the city’s next mayor.
One longtime political observer on McCarthy’s potential support: “He may be thinking that having a coalition of whites and Latinos could do it for him. He may think it’ll be the police and fire departments. But there’s just not enough of them.”

‘When you don’t need it, it’s gone.’ An advocate for the “free-floating” car-share program the Chicago City Council could approve this week predicts it would prompt more city residents to give up private ownership.
Bloomberg’s Brad Stone: A patchwork of government action and inaction is crippling progress for and the safety of self-driving cars.

‘Same sh_t. New a__holes.’ At one of Saturday’s March for Our Lives demonstrations, Jefferson Starship’s lead singer compared the protests to those against the Vietnam War. The Washington Post’s James Hohmann says she wasn’t wrong. (Photo of D.C. protest: Rosa Pineda.)
Speaking of a__holes: Doctors are ripping ex-presidential candidate Rick Santorum for saying students should learn CPR instead of protesting gun violence.
… and Iowa Rep. Steve King spent the weekend mocking the Parkland, Florida, shooting survivors.
The New Yorker: “What was most extraordinary … was the event’s inclusiveness.”
Wisconsin school students are marching 50 miles over four days to House Speaker Paul Ryan’s hometown, to demand he help reform gun laws.

Squib load. The election of pro-gun guy Donald Trump ironically has depressed gun sales to the point where the oldest U.S. gunmaker, Remington, has filed for bankruptcy protection. (Hey, look it up.)
As Congress drags its feet on gun control, states are amping up “red flag” laws that restrict firearm access for people police or relatives consider dangerous.
A new report details what Democrats need to gain control of the U.S. House in November—and suggests it wouldn’t be easy.

Facebook’s plight. The Federal Trade Commission this morning confirmed it’s investigating Facebook’s privacy practices—fueling an early plunge in the company’s shares on Wall Street.
Tech journalist Doc Searls: Digital news publishers “are just as guilty as Facebook of leaking … readers’ data to other parties, for—in many if not most cases … ‘interest-based’ advertising.”

Letters to a legend. The Adler Planetarium is encouraging people to send Apollo 13 Commander and Chicago-area resident Jim Lovell, who turned 90 Sunday, notes about how his life has affected theirs.
Sun-Times editorial: “Happy Birthday, Commander. … You continue to make Chicago proud.”
Lovell in 1987 on his 1968 Apollo 8 mission: “After we came back ... we got sued.”

Mistakes corrected in Friday’s Chicago Public Square.
The endearingly vigilant Mike Braden noted the word a missing in the phrase “right-wing politicians praise Bolton as a ‘stalwart friend of Israel.’”
David Kindler spotted the redundancy “police cop”—but he wasn’t the first. Square’s publisher beat him to it.
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