Facebook privacy: So what? / Rat droppings / 'Charlie has gone gender-neutral'

Facebook privacy: So what? The Tribune’s Eric Zorn: “Come on, people, what did you think?
But Facebook has overhauled its privacy tools.
A suburban man accused in a Facebook Live torture case has rejected a deal that would have sent him to prison for eight years.

‘If I was a student, I’d want the new iPad. And I probably wouldn’t get one.’ USA Today’s Jefferson Graham reviews Apple’s product rollout yesterday in Chicago.
The Verge cuts the presentation down to a manageable 11 minutes.

Arizona’s Uber secret. Emails obtained by The Guardian reveal Uber’s “cozy relationship with Gov. Doug Ducey enabled an autonomous program … that ultimately led to a fatal crash.”
The death of a man in a California accident that may have involved a Tesla car’s autonomous control is under federal investigation.
… sending Tesla shares plummeting.

McCarthy’s dirty donor. The Tribune reports the top contributor to ex-top cop Garry McCarthy’s bid for mayor is a guy whose law license has been suspended three times.
Columnist Phil Kadner: McCarthy is “the only one who seems to have forgotten he was in charge during one of the most shameful periods in police history.”

Rat droppings. That’s just one finding in Chicago Public Schools—after preliminary checks that the system’s COO tells the Sun-Times are “unacceptable and concerning.”
A sewage spill at Dodger Stadium brought spring training “to a repulsive end.”

Fighting words. Vice President Biden says he regrets suggesting physical violence against President Trump.
Stormy Daniels’ lawyer wants to question Trump and his lawyer about a $130,000 payout before the 2016 election.

‘The Second Amendment is … not the problem.’ The Tribune’s Steve Chapman says ex-Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens’ proposal to repeal the amendment “would inflame the worst fears of gun owners and those sympathetic to gun rights.”
The Chicago City Council could vote today to ban the “bump stock,” the add-on the Las Vegas shooter used to kill dozens and wound hundreds.
Watch the council meeting live online beginning at 10 a.m.

Charlie has gone gender-neutral.’ A Quartz analysis finds a handful of names leading the way as the U.S. moves toward giving babies names that go with any gender.
The death of Babies R Us has set off a scramble in the baby gift registry biz.

‘The hardest-working paper in America.’ The Sun-Times has rolled out a new slogan and a new look for its print and digital editions.
In Canada, a community paper founded by a rock star is being delivered by journalists who don't report for the paper.
 U.S. sales of recorded music last year rose faster than they have in decades.
Watch TV using an antenna? You’ll need to know how to “rescan.”

Reader corrections to yesterday’s Chicago Public Square.
Reed Pence was first (of many) to note absence of the word “as” in the phrase “Just as this edition of Square rolls off the digital press.”
Mike Braden noted an extra “and” in the phrase “Ex-Supreme Court Justice (and lifelong Cubs fan) and John Paul Stevens.”
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