Early voting expands / Chicago's Oscar moment / Amazon checking?

Early voting expands. The number of spots in which Illinoisans can cast ballots for the March 20 primary increases dramatically today.

Embattled conservative Chicago Congressman Dan Lipinski warns fellow Democrats against creating “a tea party of the left.”
See Sunday’s debate among the eight Democratic candidates running for Illinois attorney general here on the web.
The Sun-Times joins the Tribune in backing Sharon Fairley for the Democratic nomination for attorney general.
See endorsements from the Tribune here and the Sun-Times here.
Bewildered by the judicial ballot? See all the bar associations’ candidate ratings. (Link updated.)

‘Of course, President Second Thoughts might still not do it.’ The Sun-Times’ Neil Steinberg ponders the impact on Chicago businesses if the Trump administration follows through with plans to slap tariffs on imported metals.
Trump’s been musing over the prospect of the U.S. selecting its president for life.
Vox: His company’s use of golf-course markers with the presidential seal may violate the law.
… but special counsel Robert Mueller is tightening the screws on the president’s closest advisers, going back to November 2015.
The New Yorker: Meet the ex-spy who tried to warn the world about Trump’s ties to Russia.
Vox: Congressional contracts for unpaid interns don’t even guarantee them a copy of what they signed.

Suburban gun faceoff. Demonstrators for and against stronger gun-control laws yesterday turned out for a DuPage County gun show.
Sports brands CamelBak, Bushnell and Giro are among the latest caught in the gun-control crossfire.

Chicago’s Oscar moment. Awards contenders with Chicago ties mostly whiffed last night, but Second City veteran Jordan Peele took the best screenplay award for Get Out.
The two final words in Best Actress winner Frances McDorman’s McDormand’s acceptance speech could transform Hollywood.
Some of the night’s other highlight lines.
Host Jimmy Kimmel’s midshow stunt: Taking a bunch of movie stars to a neighboring theater to thank moviegoers—and fire hot dogs at them.
Kimmel’s carrot to get nominees to be brief—a Jet Ski for the shortest acceptance speech—went to …
Under suspicion of sexual harassment, red-carpet denizen Ryan Seacrest had an “extremely weird and embarrassing” night.
The Onion mocks Seacrest: “Perverted Creep Keeps Asking Women What They’re Wearing.”

Amazon checking? The Wall Street Journal says the company’s in talks with JPMorgan Chase—already its partner in a plan to remake health insurance—to launch an Amazon-branded checking-account-like product.
Bloomberg: Why Amazon bought a doorbell company.
Want one of Google’s Nest thermostats? You won’t find it on Amazon.

In the suburbs, it’s Crawford Day. Happy Pulaski Day.
What’s open, what’s not. (Photo: John Greenfield.)

Reader Jim Lemon was first (of many) to spot errors in Friday’s Chicago Public Square: An extra word in the phrase “one insider tells Vanity Fair says” and a missing digit in the year of Chicago Bear Dave Duerson’s death. And Elizabeth Austin noted an a missing from the word Michigan.
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