An angry electorate / Bomber dead / Ruff skies

An angry electorate. The Washington Post dissects the local and national significance of the Illinois primary results.

ProPublica, whose reporting contributed to Cook County Assessor Joe Berrios’ downfall: “Big money is sealing the fate of the old Democratic machine.”
The Sun-Times praises voters who cast out Berrios: “You upended a foul cart of corruption.”
The Tribune: You’ve also embarrassed other supposedly progressive Democrats—including … Mayor Rahm Emanuel.”

‘The kind of political scare that no incumbent wants.’ The Intercept analyzes the significance of Congressman Dan Lipinski’s narrow renomination: “He’s a marked man.”
But Lipinski’s reelection in the fall is virtually assured. The only campaign slogan he’ll need: “The other guy’s a Nazi.”

‘Pritzker will give Rauner nowhere to hide from Trump.’ Mark Brown looks ahead to this fall’s Illinois gubernatorial race.
For Illinois attorney general, a historic matchup.
A rough night for a couple of legislative incumbents: harassment-accusation-scarred Sen. Ira Silverstein and brother-to-Trump-friendly-alderman Rep. Dan Burke.

A good night for pot. Cook County voters leaned heavily in favor of a referendum to legalize marijuana.
How’d your candidate do? Comprehensive results tables from the Tribune.

Bomber dead. Texas police say the man whose work terrorized Austin for weeks blew himself up as cops surrounded him. But they say some of his bombs may still be out there.
Updating coverage: What we know about the perpetrator.

‘An American president does not lead the Free World by congratulating dictators on winning sham elections.’Sen. John McCain on Twitter, condemning President Trump for something his security team reportedly told him not to do, the leak of which reportedly has left the president furious.
A former CIA director on Trump’s relationship with Russians: They “may have something on him personally.”
After days of silence in the midst of Facebook’s Trump-Russia-Cambridge Analytica crisis, Mark Zuckerberg is set to speak sometime today.
… and maybe he’ll explain why he’s sold more Facebook stock in the last three months than any other company insider.
Bloomberg commentary: Facebook’s problems justify creation of a Digital Protection Agency.
Washington Post media columnist Margaret Sullivan: Billionaires like Trump and Zuckerberg won’t save us.
Readership of the alt-right Breitbart website has fallen by half over the last year.
Vox: Fox News really doesn’t want to say ‘Trump’ and ‘porn star’ on air.”
Echoing the aftermath of Watergate, journalism schools are seeing a Trump bump.

Need an Apple Store? Chicago’s newest one is on the market for an estimated $170 million. (Photo: Meyerson on the Chicago Public Square Flickr group.)
Starbucks is offering a $10 million prize for the design of an eco-friendly coffee cup.
Amazon may buy some soon-to-be-vacant Toys R Us stores.

Ruff skies. After screwing several pooch transports, United Airlines has suspended the transportation of pets as cargo.
San Francisco has become the biggest U.S. city to ban the sale of fur.

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