Nazi alert / Carjack crackdown / Paul Simon out

Nazi alert. Holocaust denier, anti-Semite and white supremacist Arthur Jones is positioned to take the Republican nomination for Congress representing Chicago and the southwest suburbs.
The Atlantic: “The Republican Party … has become a danger to the rule of law and the integrity of our democracy.”
The New York Times: “How our reporter uncovered a lie that propelled an alt-right extremist’s rise.”
The Twitter account of Gov. Rauner’s Republican primary challenger, Jeanne Ives, retweeted a supportive message from—click on this next link at your own riskan account that also shares Nazi propaganda.
A “repulsive” Ives ad has triggered a cross-party Illinois firestorm.
Ives speaks to a City Club of Chicago luncheon today.

‘I am not convinced that you truly understand.’ And so, another judge now has sentenced perverted USA Gymnastics and Michigan State University doctor Larry Nassar to yet another 40 to 125 years in prison.
The Daily Beast: “She was assaulted by the head of the National Archives. Then the Bush White House helped cover it up.”
The Las Vegas Review reports the Las Vegas Review 20 years ago killed a story about sexual misconduct by Vegas casino mogul Steve Wynn.

Carjack crackdown. Chicago, suburban, state and federal law-enforcement agencies are teaming up to put the brakes on a rampant area crimewave.
Suspects may face federal prosecution.

Someone left sensitive Homeland Security documents about preparation for an anthrax attack on the Super Bowl in the seat-back pocket of a commercial plane.
Newly released FBI docs reveal internal reaction to director James Comey’s firing last year: “I hope this is an instance of fake news.”

‘Crass and inappropriate.’ Criticism has come fast and furious for Dodge’s use in a Super Bowl ad of Martin Luther King’s words—50 years to the day after he spoke them.
The Washington Post ranks the five best Bowl commercials—from one by Tide to another one by Tide.
Why Amazon’s Alexa-powered speakers didn’t wake up during the Super Bowl commercial in which “Alexa” was heard 10 times.

Warning: PBS video ahead. YouTube’s latest effort to caution users against propaganda will slap an advisory about government funding on posts from Russia’s RT, China’s New China TV … and the Public Broadcasting Service.
The top-ranking Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee says YouTube’s recommendation algorithm is susceptible to “manipulation by … foreign intelligence entities.”

Paul Simon out. He’s the latest iconic singer-songwriter to hang up his touring boots—after a round of concerts that will include a stop in Chicago.
In a tweet this morning, he allows the possibility of occasional additional performances “to save the planet.”

‘It took me until the third special Groundhog Day edition, but then I LOLed!’@INTPLibrarian on Twitter, reacting to Friday’s Square offering.
Before there was Chicago Public Square, there was the Meyerson blog for WBEZ—like this one, from five years ago today.

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