Obama Center overhaul / Best job? / Pork-barrel president

OBAMA CENTER OVERHAUL. Plans for the president’s memorial site have a new look … and a price tag.

Tribune architecture critic Blair Kamin: The revisions seek a better fit with Jackson Park. (Obama Presidential Center rendering of the project’s Museum Building, Forum Building and Library Building.)
The Sun-Times’ Lynn Sweet: The museum’s tower would be “taller, slimmer and featuring a more welcoming façade.”
A makeover of Field Museum’s central hall will bring hanging “plant clouds” and flying pterosaurs.
Chicago’s museums want approval to raise admission prices.

IT’S A FIGHT. Longtime Rahm Emanuel critic and Chicago principals association president Troy LaRaviere has filed paperwork for fundraising to challenge Emanuel for the mayor’s job.
Cook County’s ethics board is hitting embattled Assessor Joe Berrios with $41,000 in fines for failing to return campaign cash from tax appeals lawyers whose donations exceeded legal limits.

BEST JOB? U.S. News & World Report’s new ranking of 100 best occupations puts this one at the top and this one at the bottom.
Down to No. 2: Dentist.
How U.S. News analyzes jobs.

‘MY DOG WOULD BE A BETTER PRESIDENT THAN DONALD TRUMP.’ But, Neil Steinberg writes in the Sun-Times, Oprah Winfrey might not be an improvement: “Ever look at a copy of O magazine? … Who’s always on the cover? The Queen of the World. Oprah.”
Winfrey’s home is in the thick of California’s deadly mudslides.
Jonathan Chait in New York: Republicans love dumb presidents.”

SHE’S BAAAACK. The president has renominated Kathleen Hartnett White to lead the Council on Environmental Quality, despite first-round congressional testimony one critic labeled “embarrassing.”
In 2016, she told Rolling Stone, We’re not a democracy if science dictates what our rules are.”
Trump faces charges of playing favorites in exempting Florida from his administration’s moves to open the coasts to more offshore drilling.
The Trump administration has been subtly changing the way the government presents climate data.

PORK-BARREL PRESIDENT. Trump is calling for a return to the system of congressional “earmarks,” also known as “pork-barrel spending,” where lawmakers can direct cash to specific projects without merit-based review—a move Fox News notes conservatives consider the “antithesis of draining the swamp.”
Republican negotiators say Trump aide Stephen (“the powers of the president … will not be questioned”) Miller is standing in the way of a deal on immigration.

‘IF I’VE DONE SOMETHING WRONG, I WILL FIX IT.’ On Stephen Colbert’s show last night, James Franco denied accusations of sexual misconduct, but Vanity Fair quotes one of his accusers: “More details … will be out soon.”
The New York Times has canceled a public event with Franco.
In France, actress Catherine Deneuve and other prominent women say #MeToo has gone too far, punishing men for “touching a knee, trying to steal a kiss, or speaking about ‘intimate’ things at a work dinner.”

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