Person of the Year / 'Holy crap' / Fat squirrels

PERSON OF THE YEAR. Time magazine has selected “The Silence Breakers”—the #MeToo women who “launched a movement.”

One of the honorees, Rose McGowan: “Why not fight back? What else are we doing?
Runner-up: President Trump.
A University of Southern California grad student: “I was sexually harassed. Question my story.”
The New York Times dissects the “complicity machine” that protected movie producer Harvey Weinstein as decades of sexual misconduct complaints piled up.
Update, 10:10 a.m.: Six women have filed a proposed class-action lawsuit against Weinstein and his former companies.
The Tribune’s Mary Schmich nominates 2017’s word of the year: Reckoning.

‘ALABAMANS … SHOULD CONSIDER THAT THERE ARE STRONG MORAL AND PRACTICAL REASONS TO REJECT MR. MOORE.’ A Wall Street Journal editorial comes out against the Republican Senate candidate accused of sexual misconduct.
Why so many women are still backing Moore in next week’s election.
Another woman says Al Franken tried to forcibly kiss her three years before he became a U.S. senator. But he denies it.
Update, 10:39 a.m.: Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand has become the first Democratic U.S. senator to call for Franken to resign.
In the hunt to replace disgraced Congressman John Conyers: Two more Conyerses.
Jack Shafer in Politico: The Sex Pariah’s 6-Step Guide to Rehabilitation.

‘HOLY CRAP.’ A former George W. Bush Treasury Department official says the Republican tax overhaul could trigger “unintended consequences for months to come because the bill is moving too fast.”
The party is considering a plan that wouldn’t cut deductions for state and local taxes by so much.

‘I’M NOT GOING TO … LET EVIL WIN.’ The founder of the Patagonia outfitting company, which has replaced its homepage with a message condemning Trump, says he’s going to court against the president’s plan to slice millions of acres off two national monuments.
A Texas congressman has pledged to force a House vote on impeachment today.

TWO RICH GUYS CLAIMING POWERLESSNESS. That’s the way the Sun-Times’ Mark Brown sees Gov. Bruce Rauner and Democratic challenger J.B. Pritzker.
Pritzker’s campaign manager says Rauner’s on an “implosion tour” but declines to address Rauner’s charges of tax evasion by Pritzker.

‘THIS IS A DAMNING REPORT.’ A federal judge was exasperated by the mid-trial revelation of documents showing an off-duty Chicago Police detective on trial for killing two young men in a crash had been in a drunken bar fight almost 17 years earlier.
Three suspects have been arrested in connection with the carjacking of a Tribune reporter Monday.
A Chicago alderman is demanding police reopen a station closed five years ago.

FAT SQUIRRELS. Two mild winters have left Chicago with a bumper crop of well-fed rodents.
A squirrel joke.

LIKE NETFLIX, EXCEPT, YOU KNOW, WITH FAR FEWER CHOICES AND YOU HAVE TO LEAVE THE COUCH. The Cinemark chain of theaters is launching a monthly moviegoers’ plan.
The war between Amazon and Google is escalating—and you’re paying the price.

2017’S MOST RETWEETED. Twitter’s posted its year in review.
Facebook says its most-talked-about moment of the year was
Spotify’s listed its most-streamed music of the year.

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