Banned from the mall? / Trump's 'untold story' / Carjacking surge

BANNED FROM THE MALL? The New Yorker investigates reports Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore was banned—or at least “run off”—from a shopping mall in the ’80s because of his interactions with girls.

A woman says he signed her yearbook when she was 16—and then tried to rape her.
The Washington Post: Senate Republicans lose regardless of what happens with Moore’s candidacy.
The Onion mock-quotes Moore: “If the American public at large had not finally begun truly hearing victims … I guarantee that these women would never have had the audacity to accuse me of such heinous crimes.”

‘THIS IS WHERE I WANT TO PULL OL’ LOUIS ASIDE.’ The Tribune’s Heidi Stevens explains why disgraced comedian Louis C.K. still doesn’t get it.
Movie critic Michael Phillips: C.K.’s movie I Love You, Daddy plays like a cry for help.”
In Chicago last year, Jon Stewart claimed to know nothing about C.K.’s problems.
USA Today: Why Canada’s sexual assault rate is so much lower than that of the U.S.

TRUMP’S ‘UNTOLD STORY.’ The president has been bragging about his plans to transform the federal court system with appointments that’ll have “consequences 40 years out”: According to the AP, the nominations of white men to become judges at a rate unseen in nearly 30 years.
Developing story: Donald Trump Jr.’s release of his private Twitter exchanges with WikiLeaks increases the odds he’ll have a date with congressional investigators.
Developing story: Attorney General Sessions has been testifying before the House Judiciary Committee.

CHICAGO’S CHANCES. The Wall Street Journal handicaps big cities’ odds of persuading Amazon to pick them for its second headquarters. (Behind a paywall; may require subscription.)
Boeing is apologizing for banning dogs from the Riverwalk alongside its Chicago HQ.

‘THE POLICE RESPONSE HAS BEEN BIZARRE.’ And so a Sun-Times editorial poses nine questions to be answered regarding the mysterious deaths of two Chicago cops.
Sources tell the Tribune the FBI has audio of a mobster talking about a fire at the home where a suburban restaurant owner was found dead—the same night the restaurant was burgled.
How much do restaurants know about you when you make a reservation? More than you might like.

COPS AND COURTS CUTS. Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle has drafted a revised version of a budget crippled by revocation of that sweetened-tax beverage—calling for hundreds of layoffs in the county court system and the sheriff’s office.
Amid anger about Mayor Emanuel’s plan to funnel fees from Lyft and Uber riders to the CTA, Chicago aldermen have given preliminary thumbs-up to his budget—which also would raise taxes on phone bills and concert tickets.
Ex-Ald. Bob Fioretti is running against Preckwinkle.
Feds: A man indicted along with ex-Ald. Ed Vrdolyak threatened to sue Vrdolyak, making “front page news” and opening “a can of worms” over a secret deal.

CARJACKING SURGE. The total for this year in Chicago has already passed the total for all of last year—which was until then the biggest in a decade.
Two carjacking suspects are in custody after a chase that began in Goose Island and ended in Oak Park—after the crash of a police car.

LIGHTS OUT. Confronting third-quarter results “worse than most could have imagined,” General Electric is getting out of the light bulb business—among others.

… including its transportation division, based in Chicago.

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