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‘I HAVE NOT DONE ENOUGH.’ In a debate focused on women’s issues, one of the Democratic candidates for Illinois governor admits sexual harassment is a problem in the Illinois State Capitol: “I have not believed what I have seen in that building.”
A new bill would require sexual harassment training for state officials—and publication of the names of those who don’t comply.
At least one female lawmaker calls Congress’ policy on sexual harassment in its ranks “a joke.”

One woman recalls an encounter with now-disgraced journalist Mark Halperin: “I didn’t want to offend the man in charge of political programming at ABC News …” (2012 photo: David Shankbone.)
Sexual harassment charges in the media biz: “This isn’t slowing. It’s snowballing.”
One female media veteran: “If you are anxiously looking around your media organization wondering who the harassers are … start with the men … who screamed at subordinates.”
Mary Schmich’s one-sentence guide on sexual harassment.

90 DAYS IN JAIL. A Chicago-area woman who used the N-word on a black couple has been acquitted of hate crime charges but will do time for spitting on one of her victims.
After discovery of an anonymous hate-filled letter targeted at a family that employs a black nanny, parents and kids in a West Town neighborhood rallied last night for a “Stand Up To Hate Play Date.”

SOME, BUT NOT ALL, THE JFK PAPERS. The Trump administration’s failure to release all government files on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy “is a reminder of how the presidency changes people.”
See the papers here.
The New York Times is asking your help sifting through them all.

BUMP STOCK BAN. A move to ban the device that powered the Las Vegas gunman’s massacre flopped yesterday in the Illinois House.
Here are some of the mythological Illinois monsters against which you might need protection.

CHICAGO RIVER OIL SPILL. One fork of the waterway’s been closed after discovery of a discharge whose origin was unclear.
Under Trump, the U.S. Interior Department’s policy blueprint doesn’t mention “climate change” once.
The EPA vs. The New York Times.

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FREE INSURANCE. The Wall Street Journal reports an unexpected side-effect of Trump’s healthcare changes: More Affordable Care Act plans are available without premiums.
Under Trump—and despite hurricanes—the U.S. economy has for the first time in three years grown at least 3 percent for two straight quarters.
Why CVS may buy Aetna: Amazon.

CHICAGO’S OPIOID OVERDOSES. They’ve almost doubled in three years.
The Washington Post: One “quick and simple way President Trump could immediately help Americans addicted to opioids” wasn’t in his emergency declaration. (Photo illustration: U.S. Air Force Tech. Sgt. Mark R. W. Orders-Woempner.)

TAKING OFF. American and Southwest Airlines see higher fares ahead.
After one of its drivers was discovered to have been convicted of aiding terrorism, Lyft faces a demand from the City of Chicago that it fire the company conducting its background checks.

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