Mar-a-Lago migration / You, hacked / Eric and ?????

MAR-A-LAGO MIGRATION. Occupants of President Trump’s seaside resort have been ordered to evacuate ahead of Hurricane Irma.

Trump’s $17 million vacation home in St. Martin has already been hit.
… And the homes of other climate-change deniers—including Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, and the Koch brothers—are also in Irma’s path.
Limbaugh, who just Tuesday suggested hurricane warnings are climate-change propaganda, says he’lll be off the air for a few days because he can’t do the show from South Florida.
The EPA’s chief: Now’s not the time to talk about climate change.
Updating story: The first warnings have been issued for parts of Florida.
Florida Gov. Rick Scott: “We can’t save you once the storm starts.”
Miami Herald: How to drive the heck out of Irma’s path.
Want to be a hurricane relief helper? The Salvation Army is offering free training this weekend and next week for would-be responders to Irma. (Photo: tommietheturtle.)

EARTHQUAKE. Updating story: One of the most powerful earthquakes ever to hit Mexico struck overnight.
The sun is behaving unexpectedly, and you can see it using eclipse glasses.

DELIVERING AMAZON. Mayor Emanuel’s all in on pitching Chicago as Amazon’s new 50,000-job “second home.” And the city has a broad array of potential sites. But the competition will be fierce.
A Tribune investigation finds Emanuel working around his own rules against “pay-to-play politics”: The mayor’s most loyal contributors have been getting City Hall benefits and getting coveted face-to-face meetings with him.
Gov. Rauner gives in, agreeing to borrow billions to pay off the state’s huge backlog of unpaid bills.

YOU, HACKED. Almost half the U.S. population may experience some pain from “very possibly the worst leak of personal info ever,” including Social Security numbers.
Find out if you were potentially affected and sign up for protection in less than a minute. But you need to give up the last six digits of your Social Security number. (Updated, 3:02 p.m.: Questions about that “protection” have emerged.)
Bloomberg: Three senior Equifax execs sold shares worth almost $1.8 million in the days after the company discovered the breach.

CLINTON’S CHICAGO SURPRISE. The cheap seats for the Auditorium Theater stop on Hillary Clinton’s book-promotion tour were priced at more than double what her spokesman originally promised.
You can see her for free on Stephen Colbert’s show Sept. 19.
An audience question to Obama strategist David Axelrod at his Chicago Public Square co-hosted appearance Wednesday night: “Is Hillary Clinton going to try again in 2020? And how we can make sure that doesn’t happen?” (Podcast coming Monday. Watch this space.)
The Onion:Clinton Already Working On Follow-Up Book Casting Blame For Failures Of First.”

‘WOULD DONALD TRUMP BE PRESIDENT TODAY IF FACEBOOK DIDN’T EXIST?’ Washington Post media critic Margaret Sullivan: “There’s increasing reason to believe the answer is no.”
Yahoo News: Under fire, Facebook refuses to disclose political ads bought by Russian trolls.
The New York Times: The Fake Americans Russia Created to Influence the Election.”
Political analyst Mike Allen suggests “this Republican president, with a Republican Congress,” could end the year delivering a bunch of things to make Democrats smile.
The House is sending Trump Democratic-backed legislation for Hurricane Harvey aid and an increase in the debt ceiling.

DEADBOLT DUTY. Chicago aldermen are considering an ordinance aimed at effectively turning Chicago apartment buildings into immigrant sanctuaries, off-limits to federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents—allowing access only to those with a “valid judicial search warrant.”
Homeless Chicagoans blocked Lake Shore Drive to protest construction that will remove their camp beneath the Wilson Avenue viaduct.

ERIC & ????? Four months after she went AWOL, Kathy Hart is out as partner to Eric Ferguson at WTMX-FM (“The Mix”).

IT REVIEWS. The latest Stephen King movie adaptation is racking up high rankings from critics and readers on Rotten Tomatoes.
Hollywood’s war on Rotten Tomatoes.

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