'Fireball coming towards me' / Cassini's 'death dive' / Sorry, 'Jew hater' advertisers

‘FIREBALL COMING TOWARDS ME.’ A witness describes an explosion on a rush-hour subway train in London.
President Trump’s tweeted response: “Loser terrorists must be dealt with in a much tougher manner.The internet is their main recruitment tool which we must cut off & use better!”

TRUMP’S DEMOCRAT DANCE. NBC News aims to make some sense of the president’s renewed ties to what once was the opposition.
Ex-White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer to Fox: “It shouldn’t be any kind of a surprise” Trump’s making deals with Democrats.
Washington Post analysis: “Trump may still … emerge as the magnanimous bipartisan dealmaker.”
A White House source tells Politico:Schumer just talks to him.”
Seth Meyers: Trump “might be the worst negotiator since Daffy Duck.”

‘FOR FIRST TIME IN 300 YEARS, THERE’S NOT A SINGLE LIVING PERSON ON THE ISLAND OF BARBUDA.’ The U.S. ambassador there says Hurricane Irma’s devastation means “a civilization … has now been extinguished.”
Energy Secretary and former Texas Gov. Rick Perry says Hurricane Harvey shows a need for the emergency oil stockpile Trump wants to cut.

CASSINI’S ‘DEATH DIVE.’ We’ve seen the last of NASA’s space probe, which plunged into Saturn’s atmosphere this morning.
Cassini’s final image—and 100 more from its mission to Saturn.
Cassini’s own discoveries forced NASA to destroy it.

OBAMA HIMSELF. By conference call, the president took questions last night at a public meeting in Chicago about his presidential center.
He rejected protesters’ call for a “benefits agreement” to neighbors of the development.
After high-profile Washington figures objected, Harvard has withdrawn a fellowship invitation to Chelsea Manning, whose sentence for leaking classified information was commuted by Obama.

HISPANICS ON THE RISE. A new Census report shows they’ve passed blacks to become Chicago’s second-largest ethnic or racial group.
Chicago schools CEO Claypool frustrated some aldermen in closed-door budget meetings Thursday.
Suburban Lincoln-Way schools superintendent Lawrence Wyllie has been indicted, accused of spending district money on personal projects, including a dog-training school he ordered built.
A Tribune editorial: Where was the Lincoln-Way school board?

JOURNALISM CUTS. Tronc—owner of the Chicago Tribune and the Pioneer Press chain of suburban papers—says it’s eliminating jobs at Pioneer.
Google is adding more community information sources to its Google News pages.

SORRY, ‘JEW HATER’ ADVERTISERS. After a ProPublica investigation documenting how Facebook let marketers target a range of anti-Semitic ad categories, the company says it’s removing “self-reported targeting fields.”
Facebook is testing a “snooze” function, to let you temporarily shush friends, Pages or Groups.
Amazon is defending its decision to remove “suspicious” reviews critical of Hillary Clinton’s new book.

WANT A NEW iPHONE? The Equifax fiasco (Equifiasco) could complicate some people’s purchase efforts.
Sen. Elizabeth Warren is going after Equifax.

COULD HAVE USED SOME REAL INTELLIGENCE HERE. Uncompromisingly attentive reader Mike Braden noted a goof in Thursday’s emailed edition of Square: “Artificial intelligent” should have been (and now is, on the Square website) “artificial intelligence.”
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RHYME CRIME. Your Square proprietor’s sister Julie found Thursday’s Square couplet about Illinois’ departing poet laureate wanting:

A limerick could have been done.
They’re easy and very much fun.
When your email was clicked
We’d not have felt dicked
If you’d spent time before you’d begun.

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