Trump's mental health / Illinois' loss / Chicago gourmets, assemble

TRUMP’S MENTAL HEALTH. Concerns about the president’s stability are moving into the mainstream.

… As tension rises between congressional Republicans and the White House.
A day after his ranting rally in Phoenix, the president called in Reno for “a new unity … one people with one home.”
On Twitter this morning, the president praised himself for his ability to “change tones.”
… Part of an outburst that included his retweeting of a bigoted conspiracy theorist.
The Daily Beast: Special Counsel Robert Mueller has “built his own miniature Justice Department” for the investigation of Trump. (2016 photo: Evan Guest.)

‘CRYING NAZI’ IN CUSTODY. Christopher Cantwell, the white supremacist who talked tough in a Vice documentary about the Charlottesville rally—but then teared up in an online video as he explained the cops were after him—has turned himself in.
Gun sales are down with pro-gun Trump in the White House.
The Onion: Trump Struck By Beautiful Vision Of What America Could Be While Looking Out Over Seething, Screaming Arizona Crowd.”

RAUNER’S DOOR RE-REVOLVES. The communications team that pigeonholed Illinois’ governor as a “white male” is out. [Updated link, 10:34 a.m.: Rauner communications team resigns.]
Democratic challenger J.B. Pritzker’s campaign accuses Rauner of “a move straight out of the Trump playbook.”
Also gone: A female staffer who compared abortion to Nazi eugenics.

ILLINOIS’ LOSS. A Downstate sailor is among those newly identified as one of those missing and presumed dead after the USS John S. McCain’s collision with an oil tanker.
Details on the Pentagon’s implementation of a ban on transgender people in the military are due within days.

BALBO MONUMENT PROTEST. Anti-fascist demonstrators are demanding its removal.
Mayor Emanuel says he’s open to the idea.
You read it here first. Today’s Sun-Times, last Thursday’s Chicago Public Square:
Chicago Italian-American leaders: Italo Balbo “was horrified” by Mussolini’s pro-German policies.

WEED-WHACKED. Boaters complain an invasive plant is clogging the waters at Chicago’s Montrose Harbor.
A “monstrous” hurricane is menacing the Gulf Coast.

SAMSUNG TV FAILURES. Customers tell The Guardian their sets stopped working a week ago, after the company sent out software updates.
Samsung is rolling out the successor to its self-destructive Galaxy Note phone.
Meanwhile, the company’s chief sits in a jail cell.

THE NEW CHASTITY. A “Wait Until 8th” movement that started in Texas encourages parents to pledge not to give their kids smartphones before they reach 8th grade.
A Boy Scouts push to recruit girls has prompted a protest from the Girl Scouts.
Chicago Public Schools have rolled out a new website aimed at simplifying the bewildering process of applying to the city’s high schools.
A suburban park district has canceled its football program for the fall because kids aren’t signing up.

CHICAGO GOURMETS, ASSEMBLE. The Tribune’s Phil Vettel spotlights the newly revealed 10th annual “Bon Appetit presents Chicago Gourmet” lineup.
A new batch of Chicago Hamilton tickets goes on sale next week.

HAPPY COMIC CON. In honor of the opening today of Chicago’s annual Wizard World conclave:
A comics trivia quiz.
The audio version of the quiz. (Both from 2014.)

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