Team Trump v. Chicago / CTA 'chaos' / Miss America v. Madigan

TEAM TRUMP v. CHICAGO. Developing: The Justice Department says Attorney General Jeff Sessions will take aim at the city in a Miami speech about “sanctuary cities” today.
Neil Steinberg: “Chicago has become a code word … Trump and his ilk invoke when they want to try to duck consequences.”

‘BIGOT IN CHIEF.’ A Sun-Times editorial says that’s how Donald Trump will make the history books, after “he revealed his true self” in a news conference for the ages.
The transcript.
NBC News: The president’s “rogue” remarks stunned his staff.
A Republican analyst on Fox & Friends—one of the president’s favorite shows—wept this morning as he concluded President Trump has “betrayed” the country.
Fleeing CEOs are among the important friends Trump is losing.
The New Republic:Every Trump official with a conscience must resign.”
Frederick Douglass’ 1866 essay for The Atlantic on how Congress can cope with a chief executive who refuses to recognize all citizens’ rights.

‘THE PRESIDENT IS COMPLETELY UNHINGED.’ Late-night comedians, including Jimmy Kimmel, seemed at the end of their wits as they tried to process Trump’s news conference.
The Tribune’s Heidi Stevens: “I’m on board with serious comedians.”

‘OUR DAUGHTER DID NOT LIVE A LIFE OF HATE.’ Developing: Ahead of today’s memorial service, the mother of Charlottesville victim Heather Heyer said she wants no hate directed against the man accused of running Heyer down.
The Fox News website quietly removed a video encouraging drivers to plow through crowds of protesters.

WHERE’S THE HATE? The Southern Poverty Law Center’s map of hate organizations in America shows 32 based in Illinois. (Hi, White Boys Society!)
Wilco has released a new song to benefit the Center: “All Lives, You Say?
The University of Florida has joined the list of campuses turning thumbs-down on white nationalist Richard Spencer—who, by the way, has a master’s degree from the University of Chicago.
Overnight, Baltimore yanked four monuments to the Confederacy.
Time: “Germany has reckoned with the evils (and the symbols) of its past much more honestly and thoroughly than the U.S.
 72 years ago, victorious Americans blew up a giant swastika in what had been Nazi Germany.
After canceling this week’s meeting because the crowd was too large, Palos Township is seeking a larger venue for September’s meeting—to accommodate protesters demanding the resignation of a trustee who complained about the area’s increase in Muslim residents.
President Obama’s anti-racism tweet has set a new record for most likes on Twitter.
Obama’s former chief strategist, David Axelrod, will take questions on stage in September from your Chicago Public Square proprietor.

CTA ‘CHAOS.’ A body on the tracks caused a three-hour delay for CTA commuters yesterday.
The City of Chicago says rideshare companies “chose to take advantage” of commuters with high prices during the outage.

MISS AMERICA v. MADIGAN. A former national beauty champ aims to take on Lisa Madigan for the job of Illinois attorney general. (Photo: Jim Wallace, Smithsonian Institution.)
Democratic gubernatorial candidate and Chicago alderman Ameya Pawar has picked a Downstate mayor as his running mate.
Emails suggest Illinois First Lady Diana Rauner has been involved “in nearly all forms of official communication” from the governor.
Republicans in the state House are aiming to overturn Cook County’s tax on sweetened beverages.

‘WE UNDERSTAND THE OPTICS COULD BE PORTRAYED AS OFFENSIVE.’ ESPN is apologizing for a fantasy football stunt that the Tribune’s Phil Rosenthal says “bore an uncomfortable resemblance to a slave auction.”
ThinkProgress: The story behind the NCAA’s new policy on sexual violence.

‘THE MELTING OF THE ARCTIC WILL COME TO HAUNT US ALL.’ A German climate scientist explains why what’s happening at the North Pole is a sign global warming is gonna be bad.
Trump’s set to kill a rule designed to protect roads from climate change.
Cleaning a kitchen sponge can make it more dangerous.

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And to you, Chicago news consumers.

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