Schools cliffhanger / Trump's 'shadow government' / You snooze, you lose … pounds

SCHOOLS CLIFFHANGER. Gov. Rauner’s amendatory veto of a bill to revise Illinois’ school funding leaves lots of questions unanswered. The Sun-Times’ Tina Sfondeles and Lauren FitzPatrick run them down.

… And it’s not just Chicago schools hanging for the start of classes.
Mark Brown: “If it were up to me, the Illinois General Assembly would immediately run a steamroller over Gov. Bruce Rauner’s amendatory veto.”

EVER FINED FOR DRIVING WHILE TEXTING IN CHICAGO? A lawsuit contends the city should pay back your $100.
Chicago bicyclists are listing bicyclist behavior that ticks them off.

SODA TAX QUIZ. How will you fare in this Tribune test of your knowledge of what’s taxed and what’s not under Cook County’s new sweetened beverage tax?
The legal fight over the tax isn’t over.

TRUMP’S ‘SHADOW GOVERNMENT.’ The Atlantic:Trump Has Quietly Accomplished More Than It Appears.”
Under new Chief of Staff John Kelly, the door to Trump’s Oval Office is now closed.
And his Justice Department is moving to stop colleges and universities from discriminating against whites.
But, ABC News says: Congress is beginning to push Trump out of the way. Witness: He’s signed a law that limits his dealings with Russia.

‘ANYONE CAN LEGALLY SAY EAT S--T, BOB!’ The ACLU comes to the legal defense of John Oliver in a suit filed against him by the coal industry.
A new website tracks violations of press freedom in the U.S.

‘THE GOBSMACKING HYPOCRISY OF LIBERALS AND FEMINISTS.’ A Fox News contributor condemns the criticism of conservatives using techniques like “fat-shaming.”
In a historic step, Jordan’s parliament has voted to abolish a law that has let rapists escape punishment if they marry their victims.
An anti-immigrant group’s Facebook post mistook empty bus seats for women wearing burqas.
The Washington Post: “A white man called her kids the n-word. Facebook stopped her from sharing it.”

‘THIS WAS A BLOWN OPPORTUNITY.’ That’s one of the investors who lost a total of $80 million in the deal to sell the Sun-Times, talking to Crain’s.
At one news website, readers who want to comment on a story will first have to take a quiz to prove they understand it.
Wonkette: “Hate The Wall Street Journal’s Paywall? Just Read Their Bats--t Trump Interview On Politico Instead!

‘I’M NOT GOING TO PUNCH A SITTING GOVERNOR WHEN I KNOW THERE ARE FEDERAL AGENTS ASSIGNED TO PROTECT HIM STANDING BEHIND ME.’ But the Cubs fan who mixed it up verbally with Gov. Chris Christie in Milwaukee says on Facebook that he’s willing to fight Christie for real “under any standard rules you want.”
The Taco Bell across the street from Wrigley Field is on the way out, Crain’s reports.
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YOU SNOOZE, YOU LOSE … POUNDS. A new study from the U.K. concludes the less you sleep, the more you’re likely to weigh.
Video shows how sharks “sleep.”

THE IDEAL CANDIDATE WILL LOOK LIKE THIS. You have until Aug. 14 to apply for a job posted at NASA: A Planetary Protection Officer to help Earth avoid alien contamination.
The Trump administration is introducing new legislation aimed at cutting legal immigration.

Yesterday’s emailed edition of Square omitted the words “for the year” in the phrase “Chicago murders for the year totaled more than 400.” Reader Reed Pence was first to note the problem and so he gets his name here—as you can, too, if you’re first to spot a goof and email
And yesterday’s Square also got the effective date of Cook County’s new sweetened drink tax wrong. It’s today.

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