Dark side of the moon

[Chicago Public Square returns to its regular, more wide-ranging format Tuesday. Unless the drive back from the band of totality goes extremely awry, realizing fears of the largest traffic jams in U.S. history. Updates on Twitter and Facebook.]


NASA’s video coverage of the eclipse requires no special glasses.
How—and when—the eclipse will appear in Chicago (or anywhere else; type in a ZIP code) … if the skies are clear.
Guides to TV and other online coverage.
Or make yourself a last-minute projector, cheap.
Or don’t make anything and instead just raid the kitchen for tools like a pizza box.
Eclipse selfie shots can be dangerous.
Chicago’s eclipse weather forecast.
Taking eclipse shots with your smartphone? Consider giving it eclipse glasses of its own.
Miss this one? Another band of totality crosses Illinois in 2024. And an online calculator lists every total eclipse remaining in your (probable) lifetime.
Huffington Post: Ivanka Trump’s eclipse tweet generated plenty of shade.
Total Eclipse,” Anne Dillard’s celebrated 1982 essay: “Seeing a partial eclipse bears the same relation to seeing a total eclipse as … flying in an airplane does to falling out of an airplane.”
Pulitzer-winning funny-guy-explainer-of-things Dave Barry’s eclipse guide: “Imagine that the Earth is a cantaloupe …”
Best places to see the eclipse and a Sasquatch.
Ten songs for your eclipse-watching playlist.
 After the eclipse, report yourself safe—not blind, not trapped in a Walking Dead-style traffic hellscape.

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