Climate-change 'enhanced' / Chicago's next mayor? / Whole Foods price-cutting begins

CLIMATE-CHANGE ‘ENHANCED.’ Global warming is contributing to greater rainfall, suggesting Hurricane Harvey’s devastation is a sign of what’s to come.

Daily Beast: Houston orders evacuations—too late.
The New York Times on the medical crisis triggered by Harvey: Flooded hospitals, grounded helicopters.
A Texas woman watching her front yard flood tells BuzzFeed: I feel like we’ve been forgotten.”
Airlines flew hundreds to Chicago and Dallas in emergency evacuations.
Reporters to the rescue.
Higher gas prices ahead for the nation.
The case for price-gouging in a hurricane. (Updated: Original link broken; here’s Google’s cached version.)
Developing: The Houston Chronicle’s latest coverage of “the storm of the millennium.” (Photo: National Guard Lt. Zachary West.)

‘IS IT OVER YET?’ The Sun-Times tackles questions about Illinois’ seemingly never-ending school funding crisis.
A potential resolution is under pressure as Gov. Rauner shifts his stance.

CONSERVATIVES ALARMED. Even the right-wing Washington Examiner warns President Trump “abused” his power by pardoning immigration scofflaw ex-Sheriff Joe Arpaio.
The Wall Street Journal: “President Trump’s pardon … further politicizes the law.”
Trump is poised to end an Obama-era ban on the bequeathing of surplus U.S. military equipment to local cops.

CHICAGO’S NEXT MAYOR? The Sun-Times’ Fran Spielman handicaps the list of potential candidates to replace Rahm Emanuel, who’s still hedging on whether he wants another term.
 A Tribune editorial rebukes the mayor: No, the Chicago Police Department isn’t fixed.
 Chicago’s murder clearance rate is still slipping.

MEN IN BLACK. A group of people dressed in black, bearing shields with the words “No Hate,” Sunday stormed a Berkeley rally and attacked at least five people—including the leader of a white-nationalist-aligned group that canceled a San Francisco protest Saturday after opponents threatened to flood the site with dog poo, a man who himself was arrested Sunday.
Nazis flew the swastika at a Virginia-area shopping mall.
Nazi-themed graffiti inspired an anti-hate rally in Chicago’s Ravenswood Garden neighborhood.
… and in Oak Park.
As Nazis and the Klan get kicked off the internet, can their resurgence continue?

WHOLE FOODS PRICE-CUTTING BEGINS. On its first day under Amazon ownership, the chain has dropped prices by up to 43 percent.
The invasion of Chicago by out-of-town burger chains over the last few years is now in retreat, according to Crain’s Brigid Sweeney. R.I.P., five Red Robins.

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