Suing the president / Cat dead / Free concerts

SUING THE PRESIDENT. Developing: Lawyers for the District of Columbia and the state of Maryland say they’re going to court against President Trump on grounds he’s violated anti-corruption clauses in the Constitution by taking millions from foreign governments.
Conflict of interest alert: A business partner to President Trump and his son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner is going for a $2 billion contract to build the FBI’s new headquarters.
Man sued a decade ago by the man who would be president: “My Lawyers Got Trump to Admit 30 Lies Under Oath.”
An ex-U.S. attorney says Trump fired him less than a day after he refused to answer a phone call.
 Vox: “A tweet from Trump’s legal team shows he doesn’t understand what being president is about.”
 Politico: Trump’s set a July 4 deadline for a shakeup of his White House team.
Delta Air Lines has dropped its sponsorship of New York’s Shakespeare in the Park in protest over a production of Julius Caesar depicting Caesar as Trump.
In Chicago over the weekend, Bernie Sanders told the People’s Summit: “Strong progressives ... with proper organization and financial resources … can win in any district in the United States of America.”

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‘A TEXTBOOK EXAMPLE OF INSTITUTIONAL RACISM.’ A government finance expert at the University of Chicago tells the Tribune Cook County’s process for letting people appeal their property tax assessments “effectively transfers the tax burden onto those who can least afford it while giving a break to those of greater means.”
For the first time in 40 years, Cook County Jail is no longer under federal oversight.

8 ENOUGH? An unprecedentedly large field of Democratic candidates has lined up to challenge Bruce Rauner for the Illinois governor’s job.
The Sun-Times’ Dan Mihalopoulos takes a closer look at candidate Chris Kennedy’s charity, Top Box Foods, and raises some questions. (In 2014, Kennedy talked about Top Box with your Square proprietor.)

A THING TO WORRY ABOUT. A cybersecurity firm reports Russia has developed “a game changer” cyberweapon that can disrupt power grids.
As thousands in Russia protest Putin’s rule, police have arrested the leader of the opposition.
Chelsea Manning, newly freed after imprisonment for the largest leak of classified records in American history, tells The New York Times why she did it.

Developing: A lawyer’s Facebook post describes outrage over a previously no-kill Chicago animal shelter’s decision to euthanize a cat. Square’s asked Tree House Humane Society for a response. (2015 photo: Tree House Humane Society.)
Update, 10:36 a.m. Ex-Tree House board member and “Pet World” syndicated radio show host Steve Dale blogs with regret: “I met this cat. … She was usually sweet, but sometimes scared and then reactive.”
Update, 5:29 p.m. Tree House’s interim executive director posts to Facebook: “We respect that others may disagree with our actions, and we would rather people be passionate about cats and their wellbeing than be apathetic. … Euthanasia is a very last option.”

AND THEN, BACK TO ROSEANNE. Steppenwolf Theatre ensemble member Laurie Metcalf won a Tony last night.
Wonder Woman spoiler: “Steve Trevor lied about the size of his … .”

CAN YOU RIDE A BIKE? If your answer’s no, consider free bike-riding classes for adults in Chicago—bikes provided.
New report: Chicago neighborhoods plagued by high unemployment rates among young people are those that need better public transportation to downtown.
Chicago cops have a chance to design the next generation of squad cars.

PODCAST AD APOCALYPSE?Recode’s Peter Kafka says Apple’s move to disclose more about listener behavior than just who’s downloaded a podcast could disrupt the business: “If podcast advertisers learn that they’ve been paying for stuff no one hears, they’re likely to stop paying for that stuff.” Because odds are good a lot of shows’ metrics will look like this:

FREE CONCERTS.Here’s the schedule for the summer series resuming tonight in Millennium Park.

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