Congressman down / Suburbs bailing / Ferris Bueller's night out

CONGRESSMAN DOWN. Developing: The No. 3 Republican in the U.S. House, Steve Scalise of Louisiana, was among those shot early today at practice for a congressional baseball team. And the suspect—now dead—has been identified as an Illinois man.

Sen. Rand Paul’s eyewitness account: “He crawled a little bit into the outfield.”
Scalise loves baseball, acknowledges having spoken to white supremacists in 2002.
Democrats prayed for Republicans after the shooting.

‘AMERICA IS REACHING ITS BULLS--T QUOTIENT.’ Esquire’s Charlie Pierce asks of the attorney general’s appearance before the U.S. Senate: “How Many Lies Did You Count During Jeff Sessions’ Testimony?
Experts to BuzzFeed: Sessions could have answered those questions about his talks with President Trump.
Axios’ Mike Allen: Sessions may have bought himself a ticket to the grand jury.
 Sun-Times editorial: “Sessions served his president poorly, and he served his country worse.”
Politico: Trump’s latest judicial nominees foretell a judiciary that would “imperil the civil rights of all Americans.”
Trump calls the health care bill he celebrated in the Rose Garden “mean.”

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SUBURBS BAILING. The Sun-Times’ Mark Brown explains that towns across Cook County are scrambling to exempt themselves from rules requiring companies raise the minimum wage and offer sick leave.
The bills the Tribune’s Eric Zorn would sign—and those he wouldn’t—if he were Illinois’ governor.

CHICAGO’S NEW REC CENTER. The Near West Side is getting a $20 million, 100,000-square-foot multi-purpose indoor facility.
 … Which may not do much to ease the sting of an average 10-percent property tax increase on the way.
A Tribune editorial on the county’s broken property tax system: “Those in power could offer fixes. But why would they? It’s working just fine for them.”

BEACHFRONT STABBING. A day after Chicago’s police superintendent assured the public Chicago’s beaches are still cool places to hang out, two men stabbed one another last night in what police describe as a “domestic-related issue” at North Avenue Beach.
Chicago cops are closer to getting subsidies to buy homes in high-crime neighborhoods.
A federal lawsuit demands court oversight of Chicago police reform.

‘I DON’T REMEMBER REPUBLICAN PANTIES GETTING INTO A KNOT …” Reflecting on the controversy over a New York portrayal of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar as Donald Trump, Neil Steinberg revisits a 1985 Chicago production that did something similar to Ronald Reagan.
And The Daily Show says an Obama version of Caesar triggered nary a whisper from sponsor Delta Air Lines, which bailed on the New York production.
A New Jersey yearbook adviser has been suspended over the removal of students’ pro-Trump messages.

TAKING TIME OFF TO GRIEVE HIS REPUTATION. The CEO of the world’s most valuable startup, Travis Kalanick, is stepping away—at least temporarily—following a series of sexual harassment scandals.
Have investors made founders like Kalanick too powerful?
A Chicago tech company banned employee use of Uber weeks ago.
AOL + Yahoo = Oath. But your email is probably safe.

MANSLAUGHTER IN MICHIGAN. The head of the state’s health department is now the highest-ranking officer to be charged in a criminal investigation of Flint’s contaminated water.

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FERRIS BUELLER’S NIGHT OUT. Music Box Theatre is teaming up with the new Park at Wrigley to show “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” outdoors tonight—free—at sunset.

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