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Stephen Colbert’s graphic blast at the president has triggered what the New York Post calls “open war between Trump and CBS”—and a trending #FireColbert hashtag on Twitter.
The Jimmy Kimmel effect—by the numbers—on Republicans’ effort to overhaul the Affordable Care Act.
CNN is refusing to run a Trump 2020 campaign ad that complains about “fake news.”
Eric Zorn in the Tribune: It’s not campus radicals but “President Donald Trump and the GOP who are the true threats to American liberty.”
Jonathan Swan in Axios:Trump instinctively understands the reporter’s psychology.”
Trump stayed up late to tweet about Hillary Clinton.
FBI Director James Comey has been testifying to the Senate today about Russia and the elections. Video here.

‘WHAT DID THEY DO TO … HELP THESE CHILDREN?’ A judge has condemned Illinois caseworkers who missed signs of trouble in visits to the pest-infested home where a 1-year-old girl’s body was found under a couch.
Businessman Ron Gidwitz—Illinois’ biggest Trump fundraiser—gets grilled in court over his longtime ownership of a troubled housing project where a little girl died.
The Onion: “Report: Cost Of Raising Neglected Children Still Low As Ever.”

NOT SO FAST. Mayor Emanuel’s raising the “go slow” sign on Gov. Rauner’s plan to sell the Thompson Center until the governor explains what will happen to the Clark and Lake transit station at the heart of the CTA system.
The CTA wants your ideas for the Brown Line’s new Belmont flyover.

TASTE OF CHICAGO LINEUP. The full music schedule’s been revealed.
Tickets for the good seats on sale Friday at 10 a.m.

REPUBLICANS’ HEALTH CARE QUANDARY. CNN: They hate Obamacare, but they can’t bear to kill all of it.
Modern Healthcare: Healthcare lobbyists are straining to block the Republicans’ repeal plan.
Consumer Reports: The Affordable Care Act drove down personal bankruptcy filings.
 A pro-labor coalition complains Gov. Rauner would pocket millions under the Republicans’ Obamacare overhaul.
Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who’s compared marijuana to heroin, can’t get Congress to give him money to fight states that have legalized pot.

BOEING’S TRUMP CHALLENGE. Joe Cahill in Crain’s: The company’s full-page newspaper ads congratulating the president on “100 days of progress!” (exclamation mark included) make it “an inviting target for any country angered by Trump’s trade policies.”
Illinois manufacturers warn the state’s job losses are nearing a critical stage.
Over objections employers could pressure workers to take the cheap option, the U.S. House is sending the Senate a plan to let private-sector employees trade overtime pay for compensatory time off. (Photo: Dan Zak on Twitter.)

As the Arctic thaws, new shipping routes may open over the North Pole.
Flooding closed Naperville’s Riverwalk and some streets yesterday.

WORD OF THE DAY. Highbinder.” You’ll need it to decode Jack Shafer’s Politico piece, “All the President’s Mice.”
Slate: How to tell who’s leaking what in the Trump administration.

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