Trumpcare's Illinois effect / Kars4What? / Free Comic Book Day

TRUMPCARE’S ILLINOIS EFFECT. The Chicago Tribune breaks down the impact the bill passed by the U.S. House could have—if it survives debate in the Senate.
Republican Gov. Rauner calls the bill a source of “deep concern.”
 Short version of The New York Times’ winners/losers rundown: You’re probably a loser.
Three Illinois Republicans key to the vote “really did not have any other viable political option,” according to the Sun-Times’ Lynn Sweet.
Axios: The U.S. senators who’ll decide health care’s fate.
What post-Obamacare elections in 2010 suggest about the midterms in 2018.

‘YOUR BABY COULD HAVE TO DO ITS OWN C-SECTION FROM THE INSIDE. YOU DON’T KNOW.’Trevor Noah on The Daily Show, noting how many representatives voted for the Affordable Care Act replacement before release of a Congressional Budget Office review.
Neil Steinberg in the Sun-Times: “The United States … is embracing a hypocritical inhumanity that is literally and figuratively sickening.”
Eric Zorn in the Trib: Democrats owe ex-congressman-now-blowhard-radio-host (Square’s phrase, not Zorn’s) Joe Walsh “thanks for so clearly illustrating what they’re fighting against.”
 Talking Points Memo: Photos of the Republican celebration, annotated with the number of people who could lose their health care coverage in each representative’s district.

ActBlue reports a spike in donations to escrow funds held for eventual Democratic nominees to challenge Republicans who voted for Trump’s health care plan.
The Guardian: How to cook the perfect spotted dick.

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SHAMELESS PLUG Dept. Vote for Chicago Public Square as Best News Site in the Chicago Reader’s Best of Chicago 2017 poll. Your children’s children will thank you.

LA FIN EST PROCHE. As French voters approach this weekend’s presidential elections, pitting—stop us if you’ve heard this one before—a centrist against a right-wing, anti-immigration candidate, the Eiffel Tower today was hijacked as a political billboard.
Protesters plan to obscure the Trump name on Chicago’s Trump Tower with golden pig-shaped balloons.

KARS4WHAT? A report from Minnesota’s attorney general concludes that the 90 percent of the donations to Kars4Kids benefit a New Jersey-based charity that runs summer camps for Jewish youths in New York.
Conservatives say Trump’s order “to protect religious liberty” leaves intact “some of the worst progressive mandates from the Obama era.”

‘WE‘RE GOING TO PASS A LAW TO TELL LAW ENFORCEMENT NOT TO ENFORCE THE LAW.’ A Republican state senator has reservations about approval of a bill forbidding Illinois’ state and local officers from making arrests based on a person’s citizenship status.
The American Civil Liberties Union says a Chicago police commander’s order seems to set illegal quotas for traffic stops of suspected gang members.
Even though police have asked reporters not to name two undercover officers shot Tuesday night, Mayor Emanuel yesterday named one of them—and his father, a deputy police chief.

 You might not have realized how the shutdown of Joliet-based Central Grocers may affect you: It’s long acted as wholesaler—of Centrella brand products as well as produce, meat and dairy products—for a bunch of Chicago-area stores, including Pete’s Fresh Market, Treasure Island, Angelo Caputo’s Fresh Market and Sunset Foods. Greg Trotter and Ally Marotti explain in the Trib.
Jewel-Osco plans to offer online ordering.

FREE COMIC BOOK DAY. It's tomorrow. Here's NPR's roundup of what to grab. (Photo: One Stop Comics in Oak Park.)

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