Protect yourself / Democracy 'under assault' / Reader walkout?

PROTECT YOURSELF. The “WannaCry” ransomware epidemic that over the weekend crippled governments, businesses and medical facilities around the world was the fastest-spreading such attack ever. Continual updates.

 What you can do to keep your (Windows) computer safe.
 Don’t pay the ransom.
 Macintosh users: Don’t get too comfy.
Meet the 22-year-old surfer who sounded the alarm and discovered the fix.
Microsoft’s president and Vladimir Putin blame the U.S. government.
Cory Doctorow: “After hearing from so many angry Americans who wanted to preserve net neutrality rules … the FCC has solved the problem by telling the public to go f—k themselves.”

CHICAGO’S GUN RUN. Firearms purchases nationwide have dropped since Donald Trump’s election. But not in Chicago.
A woman was shot and wounded on the Kennedy Expressway yesterday.
A suburb’s trustees aim to close a nightclub where five people were shot.

MOTHER’S DAY’S JUST LESS FUN IN JAIL. For the second Mother’s Day in a row, Cook County Jail inmates were confined to their cells because hundreds of employees didn’t show up for work.
A Chicago police officer’s 18-year-old daughter has died after the driver of an SUV rammed her into a tree and drove over her repeatedly.

The administration is hiding “inconvenient” scientific data.
Women working on-air for Fox News now can wear pants.
Neil Steinberg compares Trump to smoking.
A Virginia mayor’s condemnation of a Klan-like demonstration has triggered a wave of antisemitic tweets.

DEMOCRACY ‘UNDER ASSAULT.’ Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper says the United States’ fundamental institutions face threats externally—from Russia—and internally, from President Trump.
Developing: The U.S. Supreme Court has handed voting-rights champions a victory, deciding not to review a decision that struck down a law that discriminated against black voters “with almost surgical precision.”
Young black Democrats across the country are entering politics from the left.
NBC News: Republicans are already in the midterm danger zone.
One Democrat says Senate Republicans have “a lot less fear” of Trump these days.
Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan, who many consider a potential candidate for governor, seems “boxed in” by her dad’s continued role as Illinois House speaker.

LONG OVERDUE. Veteran Chicago DJ John Records Landecker (Records truly is his middle name!) has at last been nominated for induction into the National Radio Hall of Fame.
A fresh radio burst from space has escalated the phenomenon’s mystery.

READER WALKOUT? The unionized staff of the Chicago Reader newspaper has voted unanimously to authorize its leaders to call a strike at any time during contract negotiations.
After almost four decades, Reader media critic Michael Miner is leaving the staff.
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