Fox founder dead / Riverwalk rollout / PatriotHole

FOX FOUNDER DEAD. Developing: Roger Ailes’ wife says he passed away this morning at 77.
 … Just hours after Fox announced it would gut his old office. (Image: Sgt. Christopher Tobey.)
 Jeff Jarvis: He brought American democracy to ruin.

‘BRILLIANT CHOICE’. CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin calls Robert Mueller, the former FBI director picked by the Justice Department to oversee investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election, someone of “unquestioned integrity.”
 And he has a history of standing up to the White House.
Washington Post report: “The guy who predicted Comey’s memos thinks Comey may be trying to take down Trump.”
Conservative Post columnist Jennifer Rubin: The White House now has every reason to panic.
 How Trump took the news.

‘NO LEAKS ... WE’RE A REAL FAMILY HERE.’ That’s House Speaker Paul Ryan last June, in audio heard and verified by the Post, shutting down and declaring off the record House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s “swear to God” assertion that “Putin pays … Trump.”
Conservative whispers: “President Pence.”
HuffPost summarizes Trump’s advice to graduates: “I’m Doing A Tremendous Job As President.”

MEANWHILE, IN ACTUAL GOVERNMENT … The president’s first full education budget calls for big cuts to public schools and increases for charter, private and religious schools.

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RIVERWALK ROLLOUT. Chicago’s waterfront promenade on Saturday celebrates the start of its first full season since completion last fall—with music, architecture tours and puppet parades.

‘THE SUN-TIMES IS ULTIMATELY MORE VALUABLE DEAD TO TRONC THAN ALIVE.’ Beachwood Reporter overseer Steve Rhodes takes a critical look at the plan to unite Sun-Times and Tribune ownership.
Your Department of Homeland Security secretary was caught on mic telling Trump to use a ceremonial sword on reporters.
And yet, network TV news anchors have agreed to an off-the-record lunch with the president today.

‘I REGRET THAT WE MISCHARACTERIZED CHOBANI, ITS EMPLOYEES AND THE PEOPLE OF TWIN FALLS, IDAHO.’ To settle a lawsuit, blowhard radio host Alex Jones has taken back his assertion “Idaho Yogurt Maker Caught Importing Migrant Rapists.”
The right’s alternative facts: It’s a “deep-state” smear campaign combined with news organizations’ ulterior motives.

PATRIOTHOLE. That’s the new spinoff from The Onion, billed as “the internet’s last stand against the tyranny of the Leftist Media,” with a pledge to get “sleep-with-a-Bible-between-their-thighs Americans” to buy “aggressive, backwards-looking merchandise.”

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