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Former Chicago Public Schools CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett faces sentencing at 1 p.m. for steering millions to the consulting firm where she’d formerly worked—in exchange for kickbacks that promised to make her, for one day, the highest paid person on the planet.
A Cook County Circuit Court judge is set to rule at 2:30 p.m. on Chicago Public Schools’ lawsuit seeking to upend the way the state funds education.

JUDGE’S KILLER ON VIDEO? The Tribune says a neighbor’s security camera caught the arrival and flight of a man prosecutors say shot and killed Cook County Judge Raymond Myles.
Cops: The suspect did 12 years for a 1992 attempted murder.
Shots fired last night on the Eisenhower Expressway.

100 DAYS. As President Trump nears that benchmark of his time in office, Vox finds his term has been “a moneymaking success story”—for his family.
This morning’s report on the first three months of 2017 finds the U.S. economy grew at its slowest rate in three years.
By one analysis, Trump’s “affordable” childcare plan would mean only about $5.55 a year for families likely to have supported his election.

100 DAYS. Politico says the president has yet to sign a major new law, and his executive orders have proven “mostly theater.”
In a one-minute online video, The Simpsons reviews Trump’s time in office.

100 DAYS. Sen. John McCain’s former chief of staff to the president: “Spend more time at Mar-a-Lago. Play more golf. Tweet away. And at the end of 1,460 days, a grateful nation will thank you for not doing your worst.”
Slate: The Trump administration’s position in a Supreme Court case “suggests Melania Trump could be deported.”

HE’S NOT ALONE. President Trump says he misses life before he became president.
Meet the guy who agreed to host tomorrow night’s White House Correspondents’ Association dinner.
Two ways to watch Samantha Bee’s competing “Not the White House Correspondents’ Dinner”: Censored and not censored.

WHALES DYING. Since the beginning of last year, humpback whales have been dying in extraordinary numbers along the East Coast.
As Trump moves to clear more offshore drilling in the Arctic and the Atlantic, an oceanographer predicts “a firestorm of opposition.”
Chicago’s EPA employees in Trump’s crosshairs are defending their work. (Pictured: Dead humpback whale in Glacier Bay National Park.)

FOX AND THE FEDERAL HOUNDS. A person familiar with the situation says the Justice Department probe into Fox News now involves the U.S. Postal Service and “financial crimes experts.”
Bill O’Reilly’s former sidekick “finally gets in trouble for something.”
When ESPN wasn’t laying off dozens of workers this week, it published—and then unpublished—a poetic tribute to a fugitive cop killer.
The Onion:Mark Zuckerberg Touts Complete Lack Of Cannibalism On Facebook Live So Far.”

‘IT’S A BIT OF A STROKE OF GENIUS.’ That’s what one ad industry veteran says about a new Heineken ad pairing off political opposites.
AdWeek:Hey Pepsi, Here’s How It’s Done.”
Not everyone agrees.
 McDonald's is dumping Hi-C.

PUBLIC RADIO: THE GAME. An online service invites you to listen to historic audio and fix the transcripts (which have been created by the team at Pop Up Archive).

CHICAGO’S SUMMER FESTS. Neighborhood by neighborhood, DNAinfo runs down the full calendar for city celebrations from May through September.
And if throwing axes is your thing, look sharp, Chicago.

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