Obama's back / Radio alert / Rage of reason

OBAMA’S BACK. U.S. President No. 44 makes his first post-White House public appearance today at 11 a.m. Central—in a University of Chicago conversation on community engagement. See video here.
In Roseland/Pullman yesterday, the Sun-Times’ Lynn Sweet reports, Obama talked to young men about how to end the city’s violence.
Thieves crashed a BMW into a Michigan Avenue store overnight and got away with dozens of pricey handbags.
Crain’s Dennis Rodkin: Chicago’s urban pioneers are buying South Side and south suburban real estate, aiming to “revitalize neighborhoods one property at a time.”

‘DONALD TRUMP IS UNINTELLIGIBLE.’ An Associated Press interview with the president to mark the end of his first 100 days in office has made that phrase a trending topic on Twitter.

The Huffington Post runs down seven baffling moments from the interview.
Writing in the Daily Kos, Mark Sumner credits the interview for “your handy reminder that Donald Trump is nucking futs.”
Fresh evidence suggests “Trump’s war on the media is a phony one.”
15 Trumpists who didn’t make it to 100 days.
The dividing lines that may explain why the federal government will—or won’t—close next week.
 Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Will Bunch: Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ “deeply misguided policies that stem from his delusions are beyond dangerous.”

RADIO ALERT. The biggest U.S. operator of radio stations, the dorkily named iHeartMedia Inc. (parent in Chicago to WLIT, WGCI, WVAZ, WKSC, WEBG and WGRB), is warning investors it may not survive another year.
Trump’s backing away from his opposition to a merger of AT&T with Time Warner.
Matthew Yglesias in Vox: “If you really respect Trump voters, tell them the truth. … Nostalgia economics won’t work.”

RAGE OF REASON. Science guy Bill Nye says the March for Science was something he’s been prepping for all his adult life.
Seven takeaways from Saturday’s march.
Dozens of signs from the Chicago festivities.
Marvel Comics progenitor Stan Lee at C2E2 in Chicago: “Nerdism is the highest state of mankind.”

THE O’RISENING. The website of the newly de-Foxified Bill O’Reilly is promoting a new episode of his podcast tonight.
Fresh race-discrimination charges against the Fox News Channel accuse its former comptroller of demanding black female employees hold “arm wrestling matches” with white female employees.
A Fox contributor disqualified from a National Security Council job by plagiarism has registered as a lobbyist for a Ukrainian billionaire.
The Daily Beast: The U.S. Senate’s Trump-Russia investigation has no full-time staff, no key witnesses and hasn’t interviewed a single person in Trump’s orbit.

GOTTA GO? As Chicago aldermen consider requiring businesses with public restrooms to make them available to individuals in an “emergency,” columnist Mark Brown offers a not-so-definitive guide to finding a public restroom in Chicago.
Five apps to help you go when you need to.

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