Trump's war cry / Amazon vs. Costco / 'Daily Show' disrupted

TRUMP’S WAR CRY. In a tweet this morning, the president seems to have declared members of the conservative House Freedom Caucus his enemies for the 2018 elections.

The Caucus shoots back: The swamp drained Trump.
Politico sees a Trump “rocket fuel effect” for Democratic candidates’ fundraising efforts.
In Texas, a Democrat moves to challenge Republican Sen. Ted Cruz.
George W. Bush’s take on Trump’s inauguration, according to three sources: “That was some weird s--t.”

MEANWHILE, IN REAL WAR … The New York Times reports Trump has relaxed rules designed to avoid civilian casualties during U.S. strikes in Somalia.
The U.S. Senate takes a swing today at figuring out what the Kremlin did or didn’t do to influence the 2016 election.
Brian Dickerson in the Detroit Free Press: The House Intelligence Committee’s “credibility as a fact-finder is toast.”
FBI Director Comey: “We’re not on anybody’s side, ever.”

A CTA ‘LOW-LINE.’ The Tribune reports Chicago planners and neighbors are brainstorming ways to turn land underneath L tracks into fun and useful space.
New Wrigley Field plaza, “The Park at Wrigley,” is set to open April 10, despite security concerns.

UNITED CENTER BRAWL. A fight involving about a dozen people was captured on video during yesterday’s All American game.
Twin-brother Chicago police commanders each report double-digit percentage drops for shootings in their two districts this year.

LOOKING FOR WORK? CHECK YOUR INBOX. The Illinois Department of Employment Security says a hacker last month accessed more than a million job seekers’ personal records. It’s emailing those affected.
With the feds set to roll back internet privacy protections, Illinois lawmakers are debating a bill to require online companies to reveal more of what they share about their consumers.

AMAZON vs. COSTCO. Bloomberg says Amazon has invited the makers of Cheerios, Oreos and other big brands to its HQ to talk about selling in volume directly to consumers—skipping the big retail and warehouse chains.
McDonald’s promises fresh beef in Quarter Pounders.

The U.S. House has voted to limit the scientific studies and data the EPA can use to justify new rules.
A new study offers an explanation of why some immigrants excel at science.
New evidence potatoes could be grown on Mars—as predicted by The Martian.
Gizmodo lists the jobs NASA can’t fill because of Trump’s stupid hiring freeze.”

‘DAILY SHOW’ DISRUPTED. What may have looked like a Russian hack during last night’s show wasn’t.
The show says it’ll launch the first presidential Twitter library
From the Mister Kelly’s blog, celebrating a faded era of Chicago nightlife: That time comedian Bob Newhart was bigger than rock ‘n’ roll.

SHARKNADO, FOR REAL. Well, a little bitty sharknado, anyway. In Australia.
But people keep surfing in the region’s shark-infested waters.

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