Say what about Chicago Public Square?

Actual praise for this thing from real people we honestly didn’t ask.

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 “You are doing an amazing job reducing my stress with your edited and accurate news briefs. Thank you.”
 “The best news source you’re not reading … so start reading it!”
 You’re making me late for work with the CHICAGOPUBLICSQUARE.”
 “Love the new Public Square. … It’s my new go-to for news I might have missed.”

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 “Love new Chicago Public Square brief. … Perfect mix 2 start my Chgo day.”
 “Loving @ChiPublicSquare and just 2 emails in.”

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 “This is great. It has very quickly become a daily must-read. And it’s funny.”
 “I’m a news hound and do my best to keep up, but you and Chicago Public Square make me look like a slacker! Thanks for the hard work and all the news that’s fit to track down.”
 “This is great information delivered in a great way.”
 I did not realize HOW MUCH I missed your daily Trib newsletter with not only a plethora of information, but GREAT headlines. OMG …  thank you for this chunk of daily news from Chicago.”

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