Ivanka's child-care plan / Obama road / Food cart break

IVANKA’S CHILD-CARE PLAN. President Trump’s daughter is pushing a half-trillion-dollar tax break for families’ child-care expenses. But Bloomberg notes Hillary Clinton has criticized the idea as a way to help wealthy families with nannies.
Trump’s plan for a roads-bridges-infrastructure spending program aims to put Democrats in a jam, according to Axios’ sources.
 Mother Jones: Kansas is imploding. That’s bad news for Trump.

BLACKMAIL EVIDENCE. Politico says a text purportedly stolen from the iPhone of Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort’s daughter suggests Manafort may have been a target of Ukranian extortion attempts.
 A Russian newspaper editor explains for Vox how Putin made Trump his puppet.

‘APPARATUS OF HUMAN MISERY.’ An ACLU lawyer says the Obama administration “got a lot wrong about immigration enforcement … but the Trump administration wants to compound the cruelty.”
 The New York Times’ Nicholas Kristof recommends the president’s critics stop “otherizing” people.
 Passengers cheer the ejection from a Chicago-Houston flight of a man accused of making racist remarks.

AND THE OSCAR GOES TO … No one President Trump will be watching Sunday night, according to his press secretary.
 The Times is launching an ad campaign during the Oscar telecast.
 The White House Correspondents Dinner is having a tough time finding a master of ceremonies.
 University of Oregon journalism prof: “The Trump administration’s approach puts journalists on the defensive, but it should give them license … to shake off old routines and bad habits.”

OBAMA ROAD. State lawmakers are considering naming two Chicago-area roads after the former president—one a tollway, the other a free expressway.
 Why universities don’t name things after people who are still alive. (From 2008.)
 Voters in France are hoping Obama will run for president there.

BUT IF YOU’RE A MISCREANT TREE, WATCH OUT. Mayor Emanuel’s abandoned his plan to spend $500,000 on the planting of trees in Chicago. Instead, the city will spend the money on crimefighting tech.
 Sun-Times columnist Mary Mitchell: A Chicago alderman could use her grandson’s arrest on murder charges to help other families.

FOOD CART BREAK. The Chicago City Council has voted for a big cut in cart license fees.
 Under fire from the ACLU, the city’s put off a crackdown on downtown street musicians.

GOOGLE’S TROLL-FIGHTING TOOL. It’s unleashed code designed to give website developers machine-learning capability to reduce “toxicity” online.
 Try it yourself. Write something and see it rated for “toxicity.” (Scroll down to “Writing Experiment.”)
 The actors’ union, SAG-AFTRA, has lost a round in its fight to keep stars’ ages off IMDB. (Disclosure: Your Square proprietor is a SAG-AFTRA member on honorable withdrawal—but has no problem revealing his age on request.)

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