Hello, email news fans. I'm back.

WHY I’M DOING THIS. I kind of invented the Chicago news email format at the Chicago Tribune with Daywatch—a style now widely adopted in Chicago (like Crain’s Morning 10, where I’ve on occasion substituted) and around the world (TheSkimm). Since leaving the Trib, I’ve dabbled a little with the medium (for WBEZ-FM and on my own, as in my personal blog’s 3 Things Chicago feature). But I haven’t been serious about it for a while. I love it. And I’ve missed it.

I’M PRACTICING WHAT I PREACH. In my consulting work, I’ve often sung the praises of email as an unmatched communications channel, free of disruption from the overseers of the social media age, Facebook and Twitter. Time to demonstrate.

THE AD MODEL IS BROKEN, BUT IT CAN BE FIXED. I want to try it here. Want your ad to reach smart, involved Chicagoans? Why, this … could … be …

YOUR AD HERE. Skilled marketers* will work with you to create a message that resonates with smart, involved Chicagoans. Email us now.

WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU? A daily (more or less) roundup of Chicago news you’ll find timely and relevant. Sure, we’ll scour a bunch of Chicago-area news sources to keep you up to speed with traditionally local news, but we’ll go beyond that to make keep you abreast of significant national and world news. Because, in this digital world, almost everything is local.

IS THIS JUST CHARLIE’S WORLD? To start, yes. But if you’re a journalist or anyone else with anything interesting to say, it can be your world, too. This blog is independent of any news organization or news source, and it will link to anyone, anywhere, with something relevant to say. If you’re an independent communicator, make sure we hear about your work as soon as you’re ready. Email us.

AND IF THIS WORKS? There’s a reason this is “Chicago Public Square” (Note to self: Make sure not to leave out that L) and not just some new feature on my longstanding personal blog, MeyersonStrategy.com. This is the first step of something I’ve talked about for years but never got around to because, you know, time.

ISN’T THIS JUST A BLOG? Sure, you can bookmark this page and check back frequently. But who lives that way? Let what happens here come to you by email, which—admit it—is where you still live your life.

SIGN UP NOW. Let’s find out together what happens next.

* Note to self: Find skilled marketers.

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